Xiaomi Mijia Dafang 1080p Smart Monitor Review


Today, we want to talk about a security camera produced by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Dafang 1080p is a cheap video camera but with some goodies. Often put on sale by various Chinese e-commerce shops, the Dafang has useful features such as 360° rotation on itself, infrared LEDs and the ability to hear what happens and respond in real time.


The package is made of white cardboard with the camera printed on the front. It is very simple and minimal, as traditionally Xiaomi. On the back there are some technical information.

Opening the package we will immediately find the camera in plain sight. In the two upper compartments there are the wire, micro usb / usb and a 5V / 2A usb adapter, with Chinese connection. When you place the order, remember to add an adapter. If possible, ask the site, usually they give it.


  • Image resolution: 1080p
  • Frame rate: 15fps
  • Viewing angle: 90 ° to 120 ° (depending on whether it is positioned vertically or horizontally)
  • Night vision: Infrared with 6 LEDs
  • Connections: 802.11 b / g / n
  • MicroSD: MicroSD slot up to 32gb
  • Output: 5V / 2A
  • Movement recognition: 9 meters away
  • Application: MiHome, available for iOS and for Android


dafang-camera design
The appearance is really very simple and straightforward. The white color does not clash in any kind of environment. Its square design makes the camea slightly anonymous. At the same time the fact of being so squared allows you to position it everywhere and not attract special looks. Below the camera, there is a round base that allows the camera to rotate on itself. The optic instead can perform a movement of about 90° upwards and downwards. At the front there is also a microphone that allows you to hear what is happening in the room.
dafang-camera design -frontdafang-camera-back
At the back there is a standard USB port. Above it are the speakers, very powerful. It allows you to listen to the messages (in Chinese) of configuration, but only to talk at a distance with whoever is at home.

On the bottom we find the Setup button and the micro SD slot, as well as a standard screw connection, which allows you to hook it on any tripod. The round-shape base is equipped with a built-in Micro USB interface to power the unit via 5V 2A power adapter and cable. For obvious reasons, by rotating the upper part the base is the only element to still remain.


The camera responds well and even convinces the image quality. With a stable and fast connection, the response to movements is immediate. The functions available are varied, especially for the movement functions. It will be possible to control the rotation from a distance or activate the automatic search for movements. In fact, when the camera detects a movement, the subject will follow. Also you can activate the audio of what happens and eventually press the microphone key to answer. We recommend inserting the microSD and activating automatic recording of movements. The ability to see clearly even in total darkness makes this camera even more useful. In the various settings you can also activate a notification in the event of movement.


The Dafang is particularly convenient and offers slightly better value for money, even compared to other products of Xiaomi. Of course, you can find it on various stores. On some occasions it was possible to buy it for around 10 €, a ridiculous price for the proposed technical features.

The application is the standard for all Xiaomi household products. In fact, with Mi Home we can control all our Xiaomi home automation products.

The image quality is very good, we must consider only that 15fps can be slightly few in case of particularly fast movements. At the same time, however, it makes possible a smooth streaming with little bandwidth occupied. Our advice is to take at least a couple in case of offers. This way you can make your home very smart with a small price.

Xiaomi Dafang is available for purchase at various Chinese stores. Pay attention to possible shipping times and try to prefer priority shipments. As always, we leave the box below for suggestions or clarifications.

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