The Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories this Summer

The summer season is upon us. What are the hottest iPhone accessories for this sunshiny weather?


Your iPhone is an extension of your body. It does a bunch of super awesome things like take photos and videos, connect to the world via social media, chat with friends, use it for office work, play games, and a whole lot more. In this hyper connected day and age, our smartphones are the gateway to everyone in the world.

If you own an iPhone, you’re in for a treat. Here’s our quick list of the top 5 iPhone accessories to get this summer.

1. LeeHUR EU Plug Smart Wall Charger Adapter Power Dock

Battery life has never been the iPhone’s greatest strength. Sure you have your charger with you, but isn’t it a pain to have one separate charger for each device you carry? That mess of wires in your bag is not only ridiculous, but is quite a hassle to untangle as well. And don’t get me started those power sockets—more often than not, we want something more accessible and easy to reach.

LEHUR Iphone charging dock

Here’s some good news though, this Lehur Smart Wall Charger not only charges all your devices at the same time, it also does it in style. You can charge up to 8 devices with this thing with each port supporting fast-charging at 2.4A. And don’t worry about over-charging your beloved gadgets because the Lehur Smart Wall Charger uses a system that regulates current and voltage to make sure your device is always charging optimally and safely.

2. DJI Osmo Mobile Motion Camera Setup

Wanna up your selfie game? Wanna make pro-quality YouTube videos for your up-and-coming channel? Or maybe you just want a top-quality gimbal that will rival Casey Neistat’s vids with the smooth pans and zooms using just your camera phone? Look no further.


The DJI Osmo Mobile Motion Camera Setup is the ultimate smartphone video accessory for the vlogger in you. This gimbal stabilizes your videos by removing the usual shaky motion when taking videos on your smartphone. With this, you can make artful transitions in between frames and capture every moment in full HD quality. But its best feature is its motion tracking capability. You read that right, the DJI Osmo Mobile Motion Camera Setup tracks your every move (after you set it) and focuses on the subject so you can do all sorts of things while filming.

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3. Apple Airpods

I’m a bit of a headphone geek. I own several earphones and In-Ear-Monitors with a couple of full-sized headphones. I love listening to high-fidelity audio. But in the last few months, I find myself reaching for my bluetooth earphones over more great-sounding wired ones in my collection. Why? Freedom and convenience.

Whether its for watching movies late at night or simply doing chores and stuff while listening to podcasts, wireless earphones are the best pairs to use simply because its convenient and hassle-free. And if you have an iPhone, perhaps no other earphone is more recommendable than Apple’s own AirPods. Aside from the wireless capabilitiy, Airpods have awesome battery life, quick charging, superb wireless connectivity, and has optical sensors and motion accelerometers that recognizes when you speak so it can activate its integrated microphone. Cool, huh? And did I mention it sounds great? Lose the wires, lose the hassles. Give yourself the freedom you deserve.

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4. Mipow QI Wireless Charger Power Bank

Don’t you just hate it when your iPhone’s battery simply dies down? This is painfully true especially for heavy users who are always using their phone for both work and play. It’s annoying. You barely crossed the afternoon and you’re phone’s juice flashes a low battery alert. Sigh. Worse, you’re outside and nowhere near a power outlet. The solution?


The Mipow QI Wireless Charger Power Bank. Why choose this one? Because it’s a powerbank AND a wireless charger at the same time. Awesome, right? Not only do you have an extra 5000maH of power on the go, it also charges your iPhone in style. Sitting at your desk? Lay your iPhone down on the Mipow and start juicing it up. No more messy and numerous wires to deal with. It’s elegantly designed, has all the necessary circuitry for over-charging protection, and the main powerbank can be easily removed from the charging base if you want to take it with you. At this price, it’s one of the most useful and cool-looking device you can buy for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

5. Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 7 & 8

One of the best purchases I made last year was when I bought a smartphone case with a built-in battery. At first I was hesitant because it might make the phone too heavy, and worse, look bad. However, upon slipping my phone into it, it actually added more grip, and gave me the peace of mind that my beloved smartphone would not be scratched easily. Heck it even fell a couple of times and it barely scratched the thing. It’s that useful. However, the main reason I bought it is because of the extra battery it gives my phone. Suddenly, I don’t have to bring my charger with me all the time.

Mophie Juice pack for iphone 7 and 8

And if you have an iPhone 7 or 8, the best case and power bank you can get your hands on right now is the Mophie Juice Pack. Featuring a nice, durable material that houses an internal battery that easily extends your iPhone’s battery life by a few hours, the Mophie Juice Pack is perfect for road warriors and professionals where staying powered up and connected is critical.

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