Built to Last: 3 Smartphones with Massive Batteries Get Reviewed


The Big Question

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Are these smartphones worth your money?

The answer is two-fold. First, if you’re in the market looking specifically for a smartphone that will last you for days without plugging, then the correct response is, “Yes!”

However, if you’re looking for a smartphone that offers a nice overall package consisting of a speedy processor, plenty of storage and RAM, decent battery, and an excellent camera, you better start looking elsewhere.

You see, we’re not talking about your typical battery life here. These three phones were made with the sole purpose of claiming the number one spot for being the smartphone with the largest battery ever. This means all the other usual features take a backseat and give way to its best attribute: an ultra-long battery life.

Battery life on smartphones are one of those features that buyers don’t usually place high above their “must-have” list yet too-low a capacity can spell the difference between hitting the buy button or dismissing the phone altogether.

Why? Because a phone may come with all the bells and whistles imaginable yet still fail to sell simply because of its sucky battery life. Think about it. What’s the use of all that speed if it dies on you in the middle of the day? Not fun.

Most users will be content with a sub-3000mAH powered smartphone. Power-users, on the other hand, may want at least 3500mAH or more. But what about those who need to have their phones last for days without reaching for the nearest power outlet? Is a power bank the only answer?

Two Chinese phone manufacturers stood up to the challenge: Ulefone and Oukitel.

Ulefone Power 5

When it comes to raw battery size, the Ulefone Power 5 takes the top spot. With a gargantuan 13000mAH battery, it’s like slapping a power bank into a modern smartphone.

Ulefone Power 5

And boy does it last. With that amount of juice, it can easily last at least two days if you’re a power user and 3-5 days for more casual users. Suddenly, you find yourself grabbing your charger less and don’t mind doing stuff endlessly on your phone since the battery life can take it like a champ.

To prove its mettle, the folks at Ulefone did a comparison video of the Power 5’s battery life versus that of the One Plus 6. Sure enough, a 30-minute gaming session of Fortnite chewed off 29% from One Plus 6’s battery. The Ulefone Power 5, on the other hand, had 79% battery life giving it a +8% edge over the more expensive One Plus 6.

But while you may argue that it was not a fair comparison to begin with since the One Plus 6 has a smaller battery, the point here is to highlight what a true battery-beast like the Ulefone Power 5 brings to the table. Doing the same test on a regular 3000maH smartphone typically eats away 40-50% of its battery life easily which almost always makes the owner reach for the charger.

With the Ulefone Power 5, you can squeeze in some intense gaming sessions on the road without worrying about running out of juice.

Ulefone Power 5 Specs:

Processor: 8-core, 2GHz Cortex A53

Display: 6-inches (18:9 aspect ratio)

Internal Storage: 64GB (up to 256GB)

Battery: 13000mAH with Quick Charging + Wireless Qi Charging

Camera: Sony 21MP+5MP dual camera with dual flash

OS: Android 8.1 Oreo

Other notable features: Optical Image Stabilization, Unique Tough Exterior and Design

Oukitel K8000

In 2017, Oukitel released the K8000—the first phone to sport a 8000mAH battery. And it came with a super-affordable price tag of less than $200, making it a very interesting purchase for people looking for a capable handset with long battery life.

Oukitel K8000

The Oukitel K8000 is perfect for casual users who mainly use their phones for social media with some productivity tasks and light gaming. It’s definitely not on the same level compared to the Ulefone Power 5 when it comes to specs but that’s understandable given that the K8000 is half-a-year old and comes with a cheaper price tag.

So what makes the Oukitel K8000 a worthy purchase? If you’re the type of person who puts a premium on battery life but don’t want to spend a ton of cash, then we heartily recommend it. It’s 5.5-inch (720p) screen might not be much to look at but it sure gets the job done. It’s also what makes it consume less power, since smaller resolution screens require little juice to run versus full or Quad-HD counterparts.

Oukitel K8000 Specs:

Processor: 8-core, 1.5GHz Cortex A53

Display: 5.5-inches (720p)

Internal Storage: 64GB (expandable)

Battery: 8000mAH

Camera: 13MP+2MP dual camera with flash, 8MP Selfie

OS: Android 7.0 Nougat

Other notable features: 9v/2A fast charging

Oukitel K10

The Oukitel K10 shares the same DNA with the Ulefone Power 5 in terms of hardware and design. On the outside, it features the same rugged finish that imposes its battery-focused nature.

Oukitel K10

At 11,000mAH capacity, the K10 falls behind the Power 5 by a few battery bars during but still promises uninterrupted phone usage that lasts for hours, even when doing intensive tasks. Let’s be clear here: 11,000mAH of battery capacity is nothing to scoff at. Heck, I use a 2700mAH phone yet it lasts me enough until the evening with my light-to-moderate usage.

Using my real-world tendencies as a rough estimate, the K10 should last around 2-3 days before I reach for a charger. Now that’s awesome. And here’s the kicker, the Oukitel K10 is capable of fast-charging, and the company reports the device can be charged from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours and 15 minutes. Impressive! To put that in context, my 10,000mAH generic power banks takes around 8 hours to fill up. Which is why it’s amazing how little time it takes to charge this phone up to full capacity.

In terms of specs, the Oukitel K10 features a nice mix of mid-range hardware. With an octa-core Mediatek processor, healthy 6GB of RAM coupled with 64GB of storage, this phone is capable of running every app out there save for the most demanding games.

It’s a bit of a downer though that it only runs Android 7.0 Nougat, and there’s not guarantee or confirmation of it being upgraded soon. Still, the K10’s camera and other features are decent making this a great all-arounder with a massive battery life to boot.

Oukitel K10 Specs:

Processor: 8-core, 2GHz Mediatek Helio P23

Display: 6-inches FHD+

Internal Storage: 64GB (expandable)

Battery: 11000mAH with fast charging

Camera: 16MP+0.3MP dual camera (rear), 8MP+0.3MP Selfie

OS: Android 7.0 Nougat

Other notable features: Unique Tough Exterior and Design

In Conclusion

Though not a new concept, smartphones with big batteries carve a nice little niche segment in the market. I’m personally impressed with the three devices we featured here, and can see myself using one of these as my daily driver. The combination of decent hardware and super great battery life makes these phones excellent choices to the right person.


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