Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart, New Electric Kart that Accelerates Like a Porsche

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has long been known not only for its smartphones but also for its comprehensive product portfolio. Now, a GoKart kit goes on sale, which will transform the already available Ninebot, a Segway-inspired scooter, into a full-fledged GoKart.


The Asian manufacturer is getting a foothold in the field of electric scooters at the stroke of presenting really powerful solutions at demolition prices. And now the Chinese firm surprises us with a new product: Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart, the electric kart of Xiaomi with an impressive power that will surprise you with its speed when accelerating.


Earlier this year, the Shenzhen-based company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Youpin platform to make the Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart a reality, a kit that allows us to convert the Nineboot 9 from Xiaomi or the Segway miniPRO into an electric kart. And it seems that the campaign has been a success and we can already buy this product that will delight lovers of speed.

We speak of a fully functional electric kart, with its steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brake pedal, which is retractable to store anywhere and can be used by people between 130 and 190 cm, making it suitable for all ages. Of course, the maximum weight that the product can yield is around 100 kilograms.


The Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart surprises with its acceleration capacity

One of the most surprising points is that the new electric kart of Xiaomi is a real beast in terms of acceleration, offering performance similar to that of high-end vehicles such as a Porsche Boxter 2.7, a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 or a Volkswagen GTI 2.0T. Considering its price, it is quite a portent in terms of acceleration. Of course, the tests have been done with 30 kilograms of weight per or that an adult will not get such a remarkable acceleration speed.


The Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart has three-speed modes, adapted for any type of user. You’re a newbie? Quiet that this electric kart will not exceed 8 kilometers per hour. Do you start to get the hang of it? Well, the normal mode will allow you to accelerate up to 18 kilometers per hour. And if you want the sports mode, its 25 kilometers per hour will allow you to enjoy a much more fun speed. And also, this electric kart has reverse gear if you step on the brake pedal twice.

The maximum weight of the driver can reach 100 kg; the cards can be adjusted for a comfortable sitting of children and adults from 130 to 190 cm. The mobile application displays real-time speed, distance traveled and other information.

As for the price of this electric kart, if you already have the two compatible scooters, you can buy the Xiaomi Ninebot Electric Gokart kit for 2999 yuan, about 371 euros a change. The electric go-kart kit with the Xiaomi Nineboot 9 costs 4,996 yuan, 628 euros at the exchange, while the version of the kit with a SegWay miniPRO remains at 6,698 yuan, about 842 euros a change.

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