A Mix of Leaks: New Photos of Alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Photo Pops Up

The latest from the Xiaomi rumor mill reveals new pictures of the rumored Mi Mix 3


After a photo of an alleged Mi Mix 3 surfaced on Weibo almost 1 month ago (and another one we covered here), a new set of Mi Mix 3 leaks appeared today.

The photo on the right shows the back portion of the phone shows the dual cameras positioned on the middle, slightly higher than on its predecessor, the Mi Mix 2 (if this is indeed the Mi Mix 3).

The other picture reveals a close up shot of its chin. And while it’s kind of difficult to confirm if it’s thinner than the previous generation, the bottom bezel on the phone looks impressively slim.

Is this really the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3? It’s actually kinda hard to tell, given the somewhat bad angles and overall quality of the leaked shots. But if last year’s timeline of release of the Mi Mix 2 would be any indicator, a launch date of September 15 for the Mix 3 seems to correlate a similar schedule.

Here’s another leaked photo:

Rumor has it that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will come with a Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 8GB or RAM and 256 internal storage. Fans have their fingers crossed that this version will come equipped with wireless charging to keep up with the current trends.

But perhaps the question that gets asked the most is this: Will the Mi Mix 3 incorporate some kind of pop-up camera mechanism similar to Oppo Find X or Vivo Nex?

With almost zero bezel real estate to work with, one can only think that Xiaomi must have pulled off a similar approach.

What are your thoughts on these recent leaks for the Mi Mix 3? Do you think they’re the real thing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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