Xiaomi Introduces a new Mi Bluetooth Headset & Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The Company is Focused on Making Our Lives Smarter Every New Day


Xiaomi is working night and day to make our lives better guys. The Chinese tech company has been unveiling new gadgets and products every new week to keep us on toes with technology.

Apart from smartphones, the company is focused on making our daily tasks easier by introducing a handful of unique gadgets. The tools we use in the kitchen.

The gadgets that can be connected with our smartphones to enhance the functionality. Like in recent times it brought a small kettle and a smart rice cooker. And now about a week ago the “China’s Apple” added an electric wine bottle opener and Mi Bluetooth Headset to its list of unique gadgets.

Bigger & Better drivers: Mi Bluetooth Headset

Mi Bluetooth HeadsetThe headset started selling in China on 1st of this month and is available on the Mi Mall. It will only cost you $47 although there is still no official communications on when the flagships will happen. The headset has a simple look and comes with a smooth wave cap design whose outside lining can reflect light making it adorable.

Mi Bluetooth headset has physical buttons on the side which are used to answer incoming calls, activate voice assistant and control music playback. There is a button to increase and decrease volume and switch in between songs, at its bottom. There is a USB port on the side that helps charge the device. It takes 2.5 hours for it to fully charge its battery, 400mAh, which converts to 10 hours in your own music world.

Its earmuffs are soft and are made up of gentle skin-friendly PU material with an internal sponge that keeps away pressure. The headband is made up of silicon material that is so smooth and delicate, gentle on your skinhead.

The headphone is a lightweight of about 235g and can adapt to all weather comfortably. Its dynamic drivers are 40mm in size and the gadget supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology, dual mic, call noise reduction and aptX wireless transmission among other features. Its a win for us the music fraternity.

Everything Xiaomi: Electric wine bottle opener

Xiaomi Electric Wine Opener

End of May on 29th Xiaomi launched the electric wine bottle opener in its Youpin crowdfunding platform. Opening a bottle of wine will no longer be an uphill task with this gadget by your side. This device will only cost you some $16. Its shipment is expected by 10th of this month but is already available on the Youpin website.

It takes the opener only 6 seconds to open a bottle of wine! This high speed is achieved while keeping the noise levels down below 60 decibels. It has a battery capacity of 550mAh, Lithium, and when fully charged it can open 70 bottles in a row! The device employs an aviation-grade rare earth permanent magnet motor, with bronze alloy bearings and special gears.

The Electric Wine Bottle Opener has an all-black stainless steel cylindrical body design and is only available in black matte finish. It has two buttons on the side, one that suspends the drill and the other one pulls it back. There are red and blue lights at its bottom that flare when the device is operating. It has a special fast-charging element.

The gadget is not only special to our homes but also effective if used in busy wine joint outlets.

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