Vivo Apex: In-Display Fingerprint Sensor & A Sliding Camera

The Technology of a Smartphone from the Future


In a move to counter Meizu’s announcement of a new zero buttons smartphone, Vivo too has come up with Apex. Currently immersed in their prototype stages, both Vivo Apex and Meizu’s Zero are the true definitions of what we expect to see in smartphones in the near future,

Vivo had earlier surprised the mobile market with a sliding selfie camera that pops out of the top of the phone by a motorized mechanism whenever you want to snap a selfie. Which first came into practice with the Vivo Nex smartphone. Additionally, the device also included pretty new technology, the under-display fingerprint sensor on the screen. And now in 2019 Apex is coming as a complete game changer in the industry.

Live Apex: Buttonless Super Unibody

Like the predecessor, Apex features a front display with Real Full Screen. But eliminates buttons completely to leave a large acre of the screen for users to enjoy. The bezels are also totally shrunk to enhance a full display from one edge to another. The Apex is truly a minimalistic design that heavily invests more energy on the screen while putting away all the negative energy brought by the selfie camera, notch, and buttons.


A super unibody is a concept that is easier said than done. It is hard to imagine a smartphone without buttons, charging port, grill for speakers, or just any other opening on its body. But surprisingly the Apex phone has every single one of those elements covered. Read on to understand more on the new ‘smartphone concept’.

Apex Lacks Buttons

The physical keys that you normally see on the sides of a smartphone are nowhere to be found on Apex. Instead, they are deeply ingrained along the edges and can only operate through a dual sensor solution. Which consists of a pressure sensor and a capacitative sensor that does precise positioning of the buttons.


So the three smartphone universal keys; power button, volume up, and volume down, have all been placed on the right-hand side of the device. And are activated by pressing the corresponding area. To ensure a higher degree of accuracy of the touch, Vivo included a vibration feedback.

No Grill Or Speaker Hole For Emitting Sound


The Apex Smartphone does not use the usual speaker holes that employ Body SoundCasting technology to produce sound. It adopts a higher level of technology where the speaker is internal, just like the chipset and other inside hardware components. The Scientific concept that sound travels fastest in solids is the principle used on how the internal speaker operates. Adjacent to the glass back panel is an audio transmission unit that enables sound transmission through vibration.

Wireless Charging & eSIM

As mentioned earlier, Apex does not add the micro USB port. Anyone would expect a phone that lacks a charging port to use the wireless charging method, which picked on with many models in 2018. But instead, the Apex uses a completely different method, a magnetic solution. There is a dedicated magnetic charging port that allows the device to refill the battery juice.


Unlike wireless charging, you can use your phone while it is charging under the magnetic attraction. This type of charging technology is currently used by some high-end models in the market. For instance, the Surface Connect magnetic port that is used by Microsoft and MagSage adopted by Apple on the MacBook.

As for the Sim Card, Apex does not have an opening for the slot. It is integrated as an eSIM like what’s in place for the latest iPhone model.

In-Display Fingerprint & 5G

The Vivo Apex smartphone has multiple fingerprint sensors all over the screen body. Otherwise described as ‘full screen’ recognition. This allows users to conduct fingerprint scanning anywhere on the surface of the screen.

As compared to the current on-screen sensors available on the market, the full-screen sensors enables flexibility of the facial recognition process. Like, for example, the double finger unlocking with higher security and the fingerprints for the different apps.


When it comes to RAM and ROM configurations, Apex has 12GB and 512GB respectively. The figures exceptionally large because they are optimized to maximize on 5G technology. And running all the operations of the smartphone is the Snapdragon 855. Which is the latest generation of Qualcomm processors.

Since the device is still a concept machine, Apex 2019 is currently unavailable in the market. But based on last year’s experience of the combined efforts between NEX and Apex, we are rest assured that the Vivo NEX 2 will integrate all the latest innovations as promised.

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