USA Pressure on Allies – “Boycott Huawei”

Leaders of intelligence agencies and other officials have said they are concerned that Huawei and other companies are in debt to the Chinese Government or the Communist Party, which increases the risk of espionage.


The US government is putting pressure on its foreign allies, including Germany, Japan, and Italy, to persuade wireless and Internet service providers in these countries not to use the telecommunications equipment of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The US officials have contacted their counterparts and telecommunications executives in allied countries where Huawei equipment is already widely used for what they consider cybersecurity risks, according to the WSJ report, which quoted anonymous people familiar with the situation.

Leaders of intelligence agencies and other officials have said they are concerned that Huawei and other Chinese companies are in debt to the Chinese Government, which increases the risk of espionage.

Washington has been considering increasing financial support for the development of telecommunications in the countries that reject Chinese-made equipment, the WSJ reported.


One of the government’s concerns is based on the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in countries that house US military bases, such as Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The US Department of Defense has its own satellites and its own telecommunications network for sensitive communications, but most of the traffic in many military installations travels through commercial networks.

The reaction of Huawei

The response comes immediately from the Chinese, who say they are surprised by the behavior of the US government.

“Huawei is surprised by the behaviors of the US government detailed in the article,” the company said. “If a government’s behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction, such activity should not be encouraged.”

Huawei is used in over 170 countries around the world: “We serve 46 of the world’s top 50 operators, Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of millions of consumers. They choose us because they fully trust.”


Huawei has repeatedly denied engaging in intelligence activities for any government. The Shenzhen- based company is one of several Chinese technology companies that have been targeted by Washington in the trade war of duties that is intensifying between the two countries.

Technological cold war

Some officials find that the aforementioned campaign is just one part of the wider “technological” cold war between the United States and China in a world that is more and more digitally linked and therefore more and more vulnerable. The backdrop is also the trade between Washington and Beijing, in which both sides have imposed extensive import duties on the other.

Huawei has for a long time emphasized that it is a private company and does not belong to any government. Officially, Huawei is a company owned by its employees, but according to critics, this definition of “industrial co-operative” is just an example to conceal close links with the Chinese Government.

Huawei has also denied any espionage or sabotage in other countries and has confirmed that their equipment is as secure as Western rivals since essentially all major manufacturers use the same production lines.

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