Interview with EaseUS Developer – The Data Recovery Software That Fills Your Role

If you are looking for easy-to-use software that does what it says on the box, it is worth considering the EaseUS range of products.


It’s an incredibly annoying situation, and sometimes it happens much faster than you think. A wrong click and once not considered and already it can happen that one accidentally formatted a USB stick. It is also annoying if the hard drive suddenly shows damage because each hard drive has only a limited life and thus an absolute risk of failure.

This ugly scenario happened to me recently: My external hard drive, where I regularly do my backup, returns an error message when I try to access it. And even better – the data cannot be opened. The hard disk is to be formatted, but then threatens the loss of data.

Fortunately, this is not necessarily a reason to despair. Because under certain circumstances and with the right software, such data can certainly be restored.

One tool that can help and one of the favorites used software that is originated from China is EaseUS. The fact that the company comes from China is probably unknown to many users.

We spoke with Jelte Kösters, currently supporting the company in the marketing area and who has been living in Chengdu for several years, on his journey with the company. Jelte spoke all about life in Chengdu, how the company is progressing and what challenges are way ahead.

With this interview, we start a new series to learn more about Germans in China and their experiences with Chinese companies and cultures


When it is founded?

EaseUS is founded in China by Liu Jien. It is registered since 2004 as “Chengdu Easy Technology Development Co., Ltd.” and is from the south of Chengdu, which is the capital of the Southwestern Sichuan Province.

Those who have little knowledge Chengdu, Chengdu’s metropolitan area has more than 20 million inhabitants and exceeds the gross domestic product of Romania, Portugal or the Czech Republic with $238 billion.

Here you will find the audio and video version of the entire interview.

What is EaseUS?

EaseUS is one of the names that probably sound the most to you in software issues about data recovery, disk management, backup copies, etc. The EaseUS software already exists for a long time, so the company has a lot of experience.

According to the company’s own data, there are over 200 million customers who have already used EaseUS software. It is particularly exciting that the company has an international presence since its inception as during that time, China was not really attractive, and the PC penetration was limited to very few households.

It was also natural for the company to look for the West to grow as the smartphone infiltration has started to pick up with Chinese consumers during the starting years of this century. Besides, the gaming consoles were banned in the Chinese market at the time.

Jelte explains in the interview that the early years were very challenging for the company due to the significant cultural differences. He continued and honestly declared that here in China “the priority is money.”

How does it work?

The users trust the software to recover deleted or lost files, emails, photos, videos, etc., whether from desktop PCs, laptops, Macs, external hard drives, memory cards, USB devices or digital cameras.

EaseUS Wizard is a software that helps us recover accidentally deleted data. We have it available for Mac or Windows, and it allows us to rescue files, documents, videos, photos or any other type of content that we have lost in different situations. For example, EaseUS can recover data after having formatted the drive, if the hard disk is corrupted by a virus, by a lost partition, by an operating system failure, by a RAW partition or even if we have emptied the recycling bin.

In all these cases, EaseUS software can help us. The operation is straightforward, with only three clicks we can have those files again that we would not want to have deleted. We can choose a fast scan, which is just a few seconds will tell us what can be recovered more efficiently, or by a deep scan, which will be looking sector by sector, is somewhat slower but much more comprehensive.

The moment you have found deleted files, you can preview which ones are available to recover them and select only those that interest us.

All this is carried out effortlessly, so we do not need advanced computer skills. It is designed so that any user can use it.

The company does not offer this service completely for free and always provides a freeware version for testing, which offers only limited functionality. Both the versions have as common characteristics that allow us to access a good number of situations in which we have been able to erase our data and different types of files, as well as import or export the results.

The main differences are that in the free version, we can rescue a maximum of 2 GB of files, while in the paid version, we have unlimited capacity, in addition to free lifetime and technical support for life.

The company best seller – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a safe and effective data recovery program that gives you the best data recovery experience. In just a few simple steps, you can recover all your lost data. It is advertised that with the data recovery software, you will be able to retrieve lost data by hand, regardless of whether they were lost through deletion, formatting, data corruption or virus attack.

The entire Bootcamp partition (MAC) is recognized by EaseUS and can be downloaded.

Jelte explained that if you faced any difficulties, you could easily connect with a technician, which he called “gods with keyboards,” who can help save the data via a screen sharing software. If none of these works, then the company can reimburse the price of the software. The Technician License allows you to use it for an unlimited number of computers, servers and other devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can rescue all types of files, including office files, photos, videos, emails and more. The Pro licensed version is available for a discounted price of $69.95.

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation – An easy way to back up data

Valuable data protection software guarantees your business a flawless operation and protects all critical data from loss. EaseUS Todo Backup Software protects your essential data from loss and restores everything to its original state when an emergency occurs. With EaseUS Todo Backup Software, you save your important data and restore it in case of loss.

Jelte describes the software as easy PC/laptop backup software to protect your system and data against loss or damage and says it will back up your crucial data and recover the entire system in seconds.

They offer options for home users, businesses and service providers. Windows and MAC users are supported and can also be backed up in the cloud.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive, and even for inexperienced PC users, the restore and backup operation is effortless to handle. EaseUS has worked hard to improve the user interface (UI) of the software to make it easier to use, and now the various backup options along with a selection of other tools can be found easily in the wizard.

The best thing about the software is that even external media such as Google Drive, Dropbox or a USB stick or external hard drive or NAS can be controlled.

Satisfied with the EaseUS software? If you have positive feedback, you may be offered the premium version later.

EaseUS Todo Backup has experience behind its name, and the company demonstrates quality features with every software update. The product is easy to use, well assembled and offers all the features you would expect to find in backup software.

The free version offers only limited features and meets only the basic needs. If you need full protection, the software can be purchased for €36.

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