“Caviar Edition” Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a 1kg Gold Ingot

For $60,000, you can have a literal gold bar of a smartphone in your pocket


So you think the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expensive?

The folks over at Caviar (a Russian company that customizes smartphones) begs to differ. To them, USD $1,000 for a smartphone is peasant-cheap. “Why encumber yourself with a phone for peons when you can get one that’s fit for a king?” (This is what I imagined their marketing team said upon release of the Note 9 last week.)

So their design team went to the drawing board, brainstormed for 2 minutes, and all agreed that the best way to make the phone uber-luxurious was this: slap 1kg worth of gold on its back (I can’t help but assume this is what happened). The price tag? An amount only worthy of “true royalty” – $60,000 for the 128GB model. But if it was me, I’d score the 512GB version – it’s only $1,000 more.

All internals were unchanged and they retained the Note 9’s specs as per the original (no gold-covered S-Pen, sorry).

I checked out the company’s official website (had it Google translated) to see the product page for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Caviar Edition. The company said that they wanted to recreate the appearance of a gold ingot to make a, “unforgettable gift for a man who is difficult to surprise”.

Better make that “an unforgettable gift for a man with a pocket made from leather” because I’m pretty sure 1-kg will tear through nylon and cotton pockets like a gold ingot thrown at a pizza dough. And forget about using dumbbells, this baby will give your arms all the work out it needs whenever you use it. Oh well, sometimes you have to pay the price for luxury. And in this case it’s $60,000 and a commitment to lugging a 1-kg risk magnet of a phone in your (slowly tearing) pocket.

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