Oppo Find X touted to have a 93.8% screen-to-body ratio

This might be the closest thing to a futuristic “all-glass” smartphone.


Ever seen those movies where they swipe stuff on virtual displays projected mid-air? Cool, huh? Well we’re not there yet but Oppo’s latest attempt to produce a phone with almost zero bezels that it seems like you’re holding just the screen itself. Featuring an industry-first 93.8% screen-to-body ratio, the Find X is an amazing feat of engineering considering the amount of electronics they have to cram in any modern smartphone.

Ben Geskin, a Latvian 20-something who made quite a name for himself for leaking information on the iPhone 8, took to Twitter recently to reveal Oppo’s latest masterpiece to the general public. This is a couple of days ahead of the Find X’s official launch which is happening in Paris on June 19th.

Oppo Find X Body

The tweet revealed an image of the Oppo Find X captioned “93.8% Screen-to-Body Ratio!” in bold. From the image alone, the sides appear to curve a bit towards the sides, but the real news here is the impressive near-zero bezel execution, eliminating all sorts of cameras and sensors on the front of the device. Some speculate that it will probably use some sort of pop-up camera mechanism similar to that of the Vivo NEX, another phone touting impressive screen to body ratio at 91.24%.

Official ads for Oppo’s new flagship featured football superstar Neymar, which probably costed a fortune. Proof of Oppo’s confidence in their latest flagship. All eyes will be on Paris, France tomorrow as the Chinese smartphone manufacturer reveal the specs of its latest showrunner.


Last updated on 05/06/2019 23:18

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