Meizu’s Flyme 7 OS and AI take center stage in their new handsets

A phone's software is as crucial as its hardware.


A smartphone’s OS can make or break an experience. Just take a look at Samsung. For years, tech-enthusiasts and Google die-hards have ridiculed the South Korean company for putting too much stuff on their Touchwiz UI. And while it took a while for the company to acknowledge it, 2017 saw the introduction of a more streamlined and lean version of Touchwiz which garnered kudos from its critics.

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Meizu seems to be on the same path in terms of improving the user experience. With the release of the latest Flyme 7, the company is proud to report the various benefits and conveniences their improved software brings.

Per the company, the new Flyme version focuses on localization. This includes upgrades in gesture recognition and security features to bring a much smoother Android experience.

Flyme 7 will pack plenty of features (mainly for the Chinese market)

For media, they upgraded the camera AI with new “Beautify” tricks. It automatically corrects skin colors and tones not only in photos, but also during live chat. Impressive.

Flyme 7 also enabled a new Dark theme so that the AMOLED screen of its new Series 15 handsets will consume less battery when in use. This customization extends to app level, meaning some apps can be modified to have dark skin as well.

The Face Unlock performance also gets a nice speed bump bringing unlock times to a mere 0.1 second which is the same with iPhone X and a whole lot better compared to other Android phones.

Some of the upgrades of Flyme 7OS will include:

  • Higher contrast for UI
  • Night mode
  • A-Z scrollable index for APPS
  • Face unlock
  • Integrated support
  • Wechat Optmization
  • Camera AI features
  • Faces album
  • 3D audio optimization
  • Light setting for readers
  • Close all Apps at once (RAM optimisation)


If you want to try out Meizu’s impressive Flyme 7 OS, you can do so by getting your hands on their excellent series 15 smartphones here:

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