Leaked Xiaomi Mi 7 Benchmarks show SD845 & 6GB RAM

What else will the new Flagship from the crowd favorite Xiaomi offer?


Every Chinese smartphone fan must be eagerly waiting for the new flagship from the famous brand Xiaomi. Luckily, we got an eye on some of the leaks so far and one major update will strike the eye. The Mi 7 follows the iPhone X design trend and will include a notch for the front-facing camera.

Codenamed as ‘Xiaomi Dipper’ the benchmarks are absolutely impressive and a Snapdragon 845 and (supposedly) up to 8GB RAM will provide more performance than ever needed in a phone.

Specifications and other leaks

While no official statements, neither in international nor Chinese media outlets, were made, gsmarena.com confidently list the following impressive hardware. Also, the design is not finalized yet and we patiently have to wait until more leaks arise. A release date is entirely unknown at this point, but Xiaomi definitely has to rush it to compete with Vivo or Huawei in the domestic market.

Xiaomi Mi 7
Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core
Adreno 630
5.65″ with 2160 x 1080 Pixels
6GB / 8GB
64GB / 128GB
Dual-Cam 16MP f/1.7
Operation System
MIUI Android 8.0

These technical specifications may change in the feature, but by now they already show a high-tech smartphone. Especially with the estimated price point between $330 and $400 the international community will be aching for this device. Shops like GearBest or Aliexpress will be the first to serve the device to international customers, but may charge a slight premium in the beginning.

Now may also be a good time to pick up the latest flagship, which hardware still is en par with most of the top smartphones around. The prices for the Xiaomi Mi 6 will fall rapidly with the release of the Mi 7, which may make it a better option for the most economical buyers among us.

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