Leagoo S9 with 65 MP Ultra HD Pictures shown in official Video

A copycat smartphone with bold features and claims. Will it make it?


The Leagoo S9 smartphone was announced during the Mobile World Congress 2018 as a fascinating device, promising beautiful visual and powerful technical specifications.

It was soon confirmed that the smartphone would receive a new color option based on the Huawei P20 Pro. So not only did they take the famous Notch from the iPhone X and the name from Samsungs newest Flagship device, they only copy the Chinese behemoth Huawei.

The company has released a new video about the soon-to-be-released S9. The show focuses on photography this time, including the manufacturer’s solution called Ultra-HD.

The video shows not only the photos were captured, but also the result. In addition, we can still see how the images end up with an incredible quality with a high level of detail. It is supposed to work with the 13 MP camera to shoot multiple images quickly in a row and combine them with some algorithm.

The 65-megapixel resolution is achieved by the Leagoo S9 software, which can further improve the quality of the images captured by the two main 13 MP + 2 MP SONY dual cameras. The picture taken on Leagoo S9 can be zoomed in 23 times without losing the original HD quality. Meanwhile, the Leagoo S9 supports image matrix technology that can significantly improve face and background brightness in various backlit environments and therefore offers excellent image capture performance.

If the promised features are actually true and reviewers are satisfied with the Smartphone it might be the best camera below 200$ beating Xiaomi and Meizu with ease.

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