Huawei Determined To Redefine and Come Up With A Modified Smartwatch

As majority take a break from their phones and take it to the smartwatches, are you one of the classy people who like smartwatches


Huawei Watch 2 debuted with a sane 4G connectivity in 2017 and what we can term as a really good Android Wear Smartwatch. The Chinese Telecommunication Semiconductor grandaddy remodified Watch 2 again in June 2018 with more upgraded specs including the affixing of e-sim support system.  Fans globally got to experience a handful of smart features excellent for a workout and an ingenious sound assistant, and various apps, Google Assistant, NFC Payments enabled and relatively long battery life. Huawei does not seem to stop at it.

Speaking at Berlin’s IFA tech trade show, the Chief Executive Officer of Huawei, Richard Yu, told Digital Trends the company is taking its time coming up with the next generation of a Smartwatch. “We want to make bigger improvements and make the experience much better than today. That’s my target. We want to make the smartwatch more useful, more intimate, more functional, and with much longer battery life”. The new design underway for Huawei sounds more promising and sophisticated.


When it comes down to power consumption, the CEO tipped Huawei is planning to extend the battery life up to even a week in the new smartwatch without having to inconvenience with a larger battery that would end up expanding the overall size of the watch. We all want sizeable smart wear with a speedy connection for use alongside our smartphones.

With Qualcomm chipset integrated into the system a smartphone is bound to have impressive software performance, Huawei Technologies has not advanced into developing chipsets for smartwatches, but anyway, chips is an area where Chinese technology has not excelled very much at. Qualcomm is working on the next version of a smartwatch chipset which it will release sometime later this month. As at now, the best industry battery out there can survive for a maximum of two days on a single charge. Huawei battles with Samsung in devising innovative smartwatches as there are not many smartphone manufacturers that are into this area.

Smart Wear industry involves balancing between great watch aesthetics while delivering an affordable lightweight built quality and advanced software technology. The voice assistant needs to be at its A game for accurate texting, and the watch should also have developed built-in radio, distinct internet connectivity and a powerful Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Huawei may have taken unusually too long before introducing a follow up for watch 2, but we are more than happy that the company is taking time to innovate something of a much higher quality. The previous models have been elegant, but we are hopeful the next design will consolidate smarter features and will launch sooner enough to fill the existing technological gap in the regular short battery life we experience with our smartwatches.

Source: Digital Trends

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