HP Chimera 2 set to debut as a New Snapdragon 850 Laptop

A quick new chip for hybrids


Qualcomm processors show up in all sorts of gadgets these days and are no longer relegated to the smartphone world. A number of Snapdragon laptops have launched in recent years although they didn’t necessarily set the world ablaze. The HP Chimera 2 is rumored to soon roll out with the next-gen Snapdragon chip which could reignite enthusiasm for these hybrid machines.

There was a time when you wouldn’t dream of running anything less than an Intel chip in a laptop. Once netbooks, tablets, and Chromebooks burst onto the scene, the game changed considerably. Qualcomm has been at the forefront of that movement and has quickly found their high-speed processors in several laptops. A new report suggests the Snapdragon 850 is the next chip headed to market, and the HP Chimera 2 is tipped to have one under the hood.

One of the big draws of Snapdragon-powered laptops like the Asus NovaGo or the HP Envy X2 is the battery life and the fact they are billed as ACPC devices. That stands for “Always Connected PC” which makes them an ideal fit for consumers in need a constant connection and quick access to their data. Unfortunately, there were several issues with the first batch of laptops which ran the Snapdragon 835. While we won’t go through them all, it boiled down to performance across the board.

To run Windows 10 properly, a PC needs plenty of pop unless you only plan to surf the web – especially if you want to run on the X86 platform and now Win32. The new Snapdragon 850 is said to alleviate those issues thanks to a higher clock speed. According to the benchmark listing on GeekBench, the chip has a frequency of 3GHz and hits 3,486 in multi-core and 1,237 on single-core. Will it be enough to make an impact in newer laptops like the HP Chimera 2? We should find out later this year.

A new round of Snapdragon laptops may not be the most exciting gadgets we see a Snapdragon 850 in this year, but tablet sales are still on the decline. That means machines like HP Chimera 2 certainly have a place in the world if they can get the kinks worked out. ACPCs with long battery life could be a hot topic going forward, and we’ll keep you in the loop as more details come to light on the next generation of hybrid laptops.

Are you excited to see what the HP Chimera 2 will bring to the table or do you prefer a traditional laptop or slate?

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