HIMO is the New Electric Bicycle from Xiaomi

Xiaomi still amazes with a new product that able to entertain respecting the environment.


Xiaomi has done it again. The Chinese firm has accustomed us to present high-quality products at through way prices. Last week, the company presented affordable Smart Pet Dog locator, Mi Water Filter Jug, and new Smart Rearview Mirror.

Today, Xiaomi has just launched a new electric bicycle on its crowdfunding platform. This new bike from Xiaomi is called HIMO V1, and we can travel up to 50 kilometers away on a single charge.

In previous occasions, Xiaomi had presented us with other electric vehicle proposals, but this time HIMO is more robust. The electric bicycle is arrived to offer transport to people who work or move in cities where pollution and traffic will be the order of the day.


Xiaomi HIMO electric bicycle is available in two color options – a black and white and a black and orange variant. Shanghai HIMO Electric Technology manufactures the product.

The new Xiaomi electric bicycle is equipped with a premium design that integrates electronic control systems, battery modules and battery chargers within its structure. The bicycle frame is forged in the aluminum alloy (weighs 16.7 kg), the handlebars are equipped with multi-function buttons that include three gears and a button for selection. The electric power button is located on the left handle and allows you to switch from electric to manual mode.


Xiaomi HIMO electric bicycle is also equipped with a multifunction meter on the left handle that supports IP54 waterproofing (so it can also be used when it rains) and displays the distance traveled, the distance per hour and the battery level. Finally, there is no lack of high-brightness LED lights for safe night driving and large rear lights (both for position and braking).


In addition, no wires or cables are visible. These are all hidden within the frame of the new e-bike from Xiaomi. The 250-watt battery should be enough for about 50KM and can be charged in 6 hours. In a big city, you can easily go to work and back, before the battery drained and then has to be charged overnight.

Xiaomi HIMO will be sold at 1,699 yuan (equal to about 230 euros), and the shipment will begin on July 30, 2018.

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