Guide: How To Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Phones

Step-by-step guide on the procedure you can follow to Unlock your Xiaomi Devices from the Bootloader Mode


Introduction to Bootloader Unlocking

Xiaomi phones are increasingly a go for many people across the world. Having done well in its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company will probably aim at expanding its portfolio and launch more of its products in many more countries. The best hype for Xiaomi’s popularity is its high score in performance to price ratio. In addition, MIUI OS is also popular as it offers a customized and user-friendly experience

Reasons Xiaomi phones come with locked Bootloaders

All Xiaomi devices come with a locked bootloader, to protect the integrity of the software running on the device and to inhibit the ease of flashing in case you misplaced your device or it was stolen. Consequently, it’s important to learn how to unlock the bootloader. We have made a simple tutorial that you can follow to unlock any Xiaomi smartphone. After successful completion of the unlock process, you can install another ROM. Be sure to have an existing email address and the mobile phone number you are using before trying to request for the Bootloader Unlock.

Key points to note

Before you try to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi device, you must prepare both your phone and the PC you intend to use for bootloading:

  • For the PC one has to disable Windows driver signature enforcement. To do this, go to “Settings”, and select “Update & security”, and then go for the “recovery” option. Now click on “advanced startup” and choose “restart now”. After the restart please continue to “troubleshoot” followed by “advanced settings”, then “startup settings” and you will finally need to select disable driver signature reinforcement
  • For phones, we must enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock. These two can be achieved using the same process. Please go to Phone’s “Settings”, then select “About Phone”, now tap 7 or 8 times on the MIUI version button: You can then pick on “Advanced Settings”, “Developer Options” and then allow both USB debugging and OEM Unlock
  • Remember to backup your phone’s files to avoid losing your important data. The simplest way you can do this; please go to “additional settings” and then scroll down to “backup and reset”. Be careful not to erase your files. Please ensure you back up the data on your SD card

How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Phones

Step 1: You need to be sure to have a Mi-Account if you do not have one you can create an account, after which you will use the same login details to log into the device. Always use the same sim card you have associated the mobile number you used to set up the mobile account. Remember to enable the Find Device and Sync buttons on the Mi-Account.


Step 2: Request for the Unlock permissions. You can access the Mi Unlock portal via this link, then log in with the details you had originally given when setting up your Mi account. If the page appears in Chinese make sure you change to English using the language button options at the bottom of the site.


Step 3: In case of any inconsistencies in the process, you may need to browse the site incognito or apply a VPN, there have been cases where Xiaomi only accepts Chinese IP addresses.

Step 4: After you’ve logged in, you will again see the UNLOCK NOW page, click on the UNLOCK NOW button. You will see a new page which will prompt you to input your name, your country code and mobile phone number. You will also be required to give a personalized reason why you want to Unlock the Bootloader of your device. The reason should be precise and to the point, for instance, “Hello, I would like to unlock the bootloader of my new device in order to install a developer version of MIUI”. You then complete the captcha, accept terms and make your application.


Step 5: When you apply an OTP code will be sent to your phone via SMS, type it on the prompt and select the NEXT button. The receipt of your request will be acknowledged and you will be requested to wait for an SMS notification sent to your phone.


Step 6: The notification will come within 10 days, the commonest cases usually are between 2 and 4 days. Once you receive the confirmation SMS, you will go back to the UNLOCK portal and log in. Then download the MI Flash Unlock tool and extract it using WinRAR or any other extractor.


Step 7: Once you have extracted the files, you will have to install the necessary drivers by running the MiubDriver.exe file in the extracted folder as an administrator then clicking on Install. You will then select the Mi-Unlock tool and as before run it as an administrator.

Step 8: The next prompt that appears will require you to accept terms, click on agree to log into the Mi account which you created and have permission to Unlock Bootloader. A display will appear on the windows showing that you don’t have a phone connection.


Step9: When you see the message, turn off your phone and boot it into Fastboot mode by pressing down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

Ste 10: As soon you connect it to your PC the Mi-Unlock tool will detect it, after which you will click on unlock. A pop up will appear telling you of the dangers of having your phone unlocked, and you should just click on the Unlock Anyway button. After completing the unlocking process, you will click on reboot phone tab to boot up your smartphone.


Step 11: You can then confirm the Mi Unlock Status by going to your phone’s settings app and selecting the Mi Unlock Status button. If successful, a message will show on the screen indicating the new status and you will now be able to install custom ROMs and mods on your device

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