Google’s Chinese Search Engine is Just an ‘experiment’

After drawing criticism for its efforts to bring search to China through Project Dragonfly, Google has seemingly killed the development.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the search engine aimed at the Chinese market is just an “experiment”. Named Project Dragonfly, the search engine would understand all the regulations and censures perpetuated by the Chinese government – and this caused discomfort even in the own Alphabet, owner of Google.

Mr. Pichai also commented that Dragonfly would not be released in the public domain, which contradicts the latest reports that the platform would be open, Bloomberg says.


“China’s search engine was unveiled earlier this year in news reports, fueling criticism from US politicians, human rights activists, and some Alphabet staff. Company officials said that a search engine that facilitated censorship would conflict with Google’s values,” says the report.

In a letter, Alphabet said the following: “We urgently need more transparency and a commitment to clear processes: Google employees need to know what we are building.”

Dragonfly was designed for Android devices and removes content that is not approved by the Chinese government. For example, it concerns information about the freedom of expression, human rights, and democracy.

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