Google steals the show once again with Google One

Google cloud storage becomes cheap and user friendly


Google’s heart winning strategy makes it a market leader. It has always been user-friendly when it comes to granting free access to limited resources which is enough for personal users. Being said that here is another astonishing deal announced by Google. All the google paid cloud storage users will be granted an automatic upgrade which is called as Google One.

You can get the notification and updates on Google One page

Google One: A Cloud filled with benefits

On Monday, May 14 Google announced the new storage plans in which the prices have been enormously dropped. Check out the following data plans that will be applicable in a couple of months. This update outstrikes the Google competitors offering cloud storage.

New PlansDataCost (in dollars)
Plan 115GBFree
Plan 2100GB1.99
Plan 3200GB2.99
Plan 42TB9.99
Plan 510TB99.99
Plan 620TB199.99
Plan 730TB299.99


These prices will be applicable to everyone who has already subscribed to paid plans and the good news is the free plan still remains free of cost, no changes. It doesn’t stop here Google has announced few new features along with Google One which includes smart compose, google duplex, new voices, continued conversation etc.

Other Benefits of having google One

The CEO of Google announcing the latest updates and new features

Google One is a powerful way of sharing information among your team and moreover, you can share the excess space among your family or friends without sharing the data they have stored. Another advantage is One tap help. The live Google support will be available online in case if you encounter any issues.

So get ready to spin as the google updates will be rolling out soon on your google drive.


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