Google Plans to Launch Subscription Based Model like Netflix in the Play Store

A feature called Google Pass, designed as a monthly paid membership system for the Google App Store, is rumored to come from behind.


Google plans to launch a monthly subscription plan that “offers hundreds of dollars on applications and games” of the Play Store. The development was not confirmed by the company but was caught in the codes of the virtual store of the giant Mountain View.

According to developers of XDA Developers, unlocking the Play Store was able to find a feature called “Play Pass,” which would have an association with some type of offer in the subscription model.

Shortly afterward, one of the informants on the site submitted a recent survey by the Google Opinion Rewards program that wants to know exactly something about it.

Imagine that your app store has a subscription that offers hundreds of dollars of paid apps and games in exchange for a fixed monthly. The term “Pass” how well would you describe it?


If we take this survey, it is quite clear what could be a sort of Netflix on the Play Store, with a range of content offered to all subscribers. The name ‘Play Pass’ still seems to be in doubt, given that it is precisely on the term “pass” that the survey is about, but at the bottom of this we are less interested.

Why is Google bringing Play Pass?

Subscriptions are a double-edged sword, but enjoy great popularity in many areas and have long been the most popular method of consuming movies, music, magazines, and some other things. This is not yet the case for apps, as both Google and Apple have not yet been able to achieve such a system. But that could change quite soon.

While the Play Store records quarterly downloads of billions of apps, only 1,697 made more than $1 million from Google’s online store. Still, only a small percentage of the money you get from these software stays on the platform, and the distance from the revenue that Apple takes with the App Store is very large.

That’s why a subscription could bring more money and users, as well as potentially lower ads in games and utilities. With fewer distractions, such software could even be valued.

Currently, Android applications are monetized either with advertising, or by being paid, or by offering a freemium model (free, but with paid options).

By offering another alternative, Google could help developers attract more users and earn more revenue. Currently, if Android has more applications downloads than iOS, the App Store generates almost twice as much money as the Google Play Store.

The great difficulty would be to offer the newest and most coveted apps, as subscribers would not like to receive only the products that everyone has or the cheapest and least effective ones. And for that, it would be necessary not only to change the terms and conditions of the service but also in the contracts with the developers.

And you, what do you think? Would you pay for a monthly subscription service to download app and games from the Play Store?

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