Google Chrome Update Will Finally Eliminate Passwords

You Will Not Cram Your Passwords Anymore On Google Chrome Browser


The latest version of the desktop browser, Chrome, by Google is out and will sooner or later come with an option for websites to remove password elements when users want to register or sign in. It has always been a primary goal of the browser to give internet safety service to its users, including kids!

The new update, Chrome 67, features an absolute technology that lets you log into websites using biometric information like a fingerprint scanner and your face, and you could also use USB keys. This makes Chrome Web Authentification the most popular browser, arguably. Firefox technology only allows password-free sign-ins like the use of USB keys through virtually any website instead of having to access for specific services.

Website developers will have to use the necessary code provided by Google to integrate the feature into their sites for this to function. So I guess we will have to wait a little bit longer as this process is being executed. When it will be ready one will need to open the Google Chrome browser on their computer, click on the More icon (three verticle dots) at the top right corner and Click Update Google Chrome Option.

The brand new feature will support the Generic Sensor API. The sensor is a universal standard that allows web apps talk to devices like fitness trackers and VR headsets. It offers an awesome experience as one moves around in a 3D world. Additional options will include retina scanner, face recognition (e.g Face ID) or a photo.

Chrome 67 (67.0.3396.68) has also been released and will be available on Google Play over the next few weeks, as reported by Chrome for Android Update on 31st May of this year. The crew has assured users of stability and performance improvements.

With all that said, this new concept by Google Chrome browser is a big big win for many, me included. It simply eradicates the lengthy procedures and the headache of having to keep up with too many passwords for logins on different websites. It will be a new experience in interacting with your websites.

Last updated on 21/01/2019 10:47

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