Android Users Rejoice: Fortnite set to launch this Summer in Google Playstore


The wildly popular sandbox, third-person shooting game Fortnite is expected to hit the Android Playstore this summer. And oh boy, thousands of fans can hardly wait.


Fortnite creator Epic Games announced in a blog post that the game will be available for Android users at some point this coming summer with a promise to update the fans of its development. This they revealed right after announcing a Battle Royale contest where players can win as much as 50,000 Virtual Bucks (or vBucks) for the champion. It’s the in-game currency ued in Fortnite.

Last month, Epic Games hit a goldmine when it released Fortnite in iOS. Forbes reported that Epic Games nets an average of $1Million a day solely from player spending. And with an upcoming Android release on the horizon, sales are expected to hit as much as $500Million by the end of 2018.


In February, Fortnite raked in $126 million. This toppled PUBG (another popular online shooting game) total sales for that month even though it costs $30 to play PUBG while Fortnite uses a free-to-play format and earns exclusively through in-game pruchases.


Expect Fortnite to make one hell of an arrival on Android as millions of users download and play the game on their mobile phones.

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