China has School Uniform Program with Trackers and Alarms

The intelligent school uniforms will have built-in tracking technology to track each student’s location and attendance.


Global Times, a news agency linked to the Chinese government, has issued a national measure to curb school dropout. It is the extension of the program to implement “smart” school uniforms, which was started in 2016 and has now been adopted by another 10 establishments.

The uniforms have tracking technology, which is provided by two chips sewn on the shoulders of each piece. The chips work in conjunction with facial recognition technology installed inside school units and support a 500-wash cycle before they need to be replaced.


According to the agency, the new uniforms were created to monitor the location and frequency of students, making this information available to teachers and parents. A voice alarm is triggered automatically in case a student attempts to leave school without receiving authorization. Facial recognition helps prevent fraud such as changing uniforms among students.

The technology company has admitted that it can be used to track students’ locations even after school hours. Not to mention that there is nothing that prevents the authorities in this type of situation. However, it tried to soften the privacy intrusion issue by explaining that employees are not authorized to do so and that the location provided is not accurate.

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