Atari VCS Console Launch is a Rousing Success on Indiegogo

That is what we call "Retro done right!"


Atari has undergone many changes over the years, but their fanbase has remained consistent. The company recently grabbed our attention with the launch of Atari VCS, an upcoming retro console. While you can’t purchase one at the moment, this machine is headed for success as the company has blown past their funding goal on Indiegogo in only a matter of days.

It’s not uncommon to see a crowdfunded video game project hit the net, even from major players in the scene. Retro games have done exceptionally well, so it’s no surprise Atari turned to Indiegogo for the Atari VCS release. They set a flexible funding goal of only $100,000 but have already surpassed that by over $2 million dollars with a month left on the clock. It’s safe to say they still have plenty of fans.

Before you get too excited, it is a virtual console so you can’t dust off your old Atari 2600 carts for use on the VCS. While that may seem like a negative, it’s par for the course with retro consoles. This one is built on Linux “sandbox” system and sports a customizable UX complete with smart home integration. It is an interesting option, and the same can be said for voice commands.

atari vcs redesign

Atari will offer consumers two options with the VCS although the specifications remain the same on both virtual consoles. The Atari VCS Collector’s Edition is the retro model which is geared towards gamers that loved the woodgrain glory of the original. On the flipside, the Atari VCS Onyx has the same design but is all black which gives it a more modern look.

Regardless of the model you prefer, there are plenty of inputs on the VCS so you can use your own peripherals with the console. There are four USB ports, an HDMI out, Ethernet port and microSD slot as well. Whether you want to set up a webcam for streaming or simply use your favorite controller, Atari has you covered.

atari vcs controllers

The company is also launching their new console with not one, but two Bluetooth controllers. There is an OUYA like modern gamepad with two small joysticks, shoulder buttons, and the standard four button layout. The second controller resembles their classic joystick but with a modern twist thanks to a couple of buttons for navigation.

One area that’s still a bit unclear, but essential are the Atari VCS games. We know revamped versions of their classics are on the way along with traditional ports and newer Indie games. What’s available at launch and in the pipeline is still unknown although the company has several partnerships in the works. Given their extensive library, we expect plenty of content out of the box.

atari VCS games

While this retro console is undoubtedly cool, you will have a while to wait to scoop one up as Atari won’t launch the VCS console until July of 2019. The pre-order period through Indiegogo comes to a close later this month although “early bird” spots and specials end sooner. The Atari VCS Collector’s Edition is priced at $299 with the Classic Joystick while the modern variant rolls in at $199 for a limited time. If you’re interested in reliving your glory days, you can pre-order the Atari VCS on Indiegogo.

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