Android Apps can be Updated Real Time While You Use Them

A new API ensures that apps can be updated as you use them. In-app updates work in two different ways depending on the importance of the update.


The Play Store has come a long way. The predecessor of Android’s trusty application store was called the Android Market, and on the first day of the launch, there were 50 apps. Then it was opened up for apps from developers. Meanwhile, in the Play Store has become the largest application store in the world, although it is not the best earning. It is also constantly being improved with new features such as peer-to-peer downloads from Android apps.

This week at Android Dev Summit, the annual Google developer conference, Google proposed an Application Programming Interface (API) to developers so apps can now update as you use them. Previously, you had to close an app first if there was a crucial update, and minor updates were not made during the use of the app.

You can soon make an important update without having to leave the app


Google explained that developers could go two ways with the API. For important updates, a notification appears in the app that allows the user to wait in the app for a short while the update is installed soon. That is more user-friendly than when you have to leave the app and tap it again afterward. If the update is installed, you can simply continue using the app.

Left Image: you will have to wait until the update is finished Right Image: here you can go straight on

The second way is called flexible in-app updates. This way applies to minor improvements, and that update is implemented while you can continue to use the app and it continues to function adequately. According to Google, you can fully personalize the way in-app upgrades look like a developer so that it feels like the update mechanism is part of the app.


Currently, Google is working with just a handful of partners working with the API. Once the API is considered stable, it is opened to all app developers. In the example, the company demonstrated how Chrome was used for the update in real time.

So, we think it’s very likely that we will find the feature in our browser in the future. It is not yet clear when we will see the first apps that support in-app updates.

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