A Big Blow To Chinese Tech Students As US Plan To Restrict Their Visas

Making It Hard For Chinese Tech Students To Complete Their Studies In the USA


China has been so confident and focused on its ‘Made in China 2025″ Strategic Plan since its inception in 2015. In a move to take over the technological edge, the country has been sending its tech students to study in American colleges and universities so as to equip them with the best skills in technology, an act that President Trump views it as a “rip off to the United States”. Leaders and stakeholders in the US have been adamant that for so long the US has been letting the Chinese steal intellectual property easily from their country yet it takes them years and even generations to come up with the knowledge and technological inventions.

Last Friday the US State Department announced it was going to shorten the length of visas granted to the Chinese tech students effective from June 11 this year, to a maximum of one year. This is a sudden turn of events as students used to be issued visas for maximum possible length. The Associated Press has learned this law will affect students in aviation, high-tech manufacturing and the robotics fields. It will prevent the students from earning degrees in the US. While the State Department did not provide the exact reason, we can make an educated guess right? It is a calculated strategy to frustrate China’s plan to take over the technology field.

Chinese adult citizens pursuing visas will have to go through special clearance from a multitude of US Agencies if they work as researchers and managers for companies that are on the US Department of Commerce’ list of entities requiring higher scrutiny. They will be lengthy procedures and expected to last months for each and every visa application. The Department further confirmed that the process of application will not change.

These changes happen in the midst of trade wars between the two Superpowers. Trump administration eyes to trim down China trade practices as the South Eastern Asian country has been seen on the rise to beat the US in many sectors lately. The President has been back and forth with tweets on “FAIR TRADE”, a thing that most of his followers view as cowardly and a defensive mechanism against fair competition.

The recent developments were expected as Trump early in December, in a document, had vowed to review and tighten visa procedures for foreign students studying technology, mathematics, science and engineering. Chinese tech students will be forced to renew their visas, which be a lengthy process or look for another country that will grant them visas for a time enough to complete their studies.



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