Yuneec Launches Mantis Q, the Drone Equipped with Voice Control

Yuneec has unveiled the Mantis Q drone , equipped with a 4K camera, voice commands and up to 33 minutes on a single charge. The compact design should appeal to travelers.


The world of drones is completely dominated by Chinese brands, especially DJI that leads the part of the highest quality – and also higher price. Yuneec, a compatriot of the competitor decided that also wants a piece of this market and started the pre-sale of Mantis Q, which aims to take the slack that DJI got with Spark.

From Yuneec comes a new compact and robust travel drone, which boasts the perfect hardware to capture our favorite moments through photos and 4K videos. Let’s talk about Mantis Q, a quadcopter with a long flight range, automatic flight modes to adapt to every need and practical visual recognition.

The Drone

The Chinese company, Yuneec as a manufacturer of commercial drones, is one of the market leaders in the industry. With the Mantis Q multicopter model, the company has now unveiled a new drone that folds up into a small photo bag or a large trouser pocket, yet meets the latest high-tech standards.


The Mantis Q can fly for up to 33 minutes, has a range of 800 meters, responds to voice commands and should also be able to be operated by beginners intuitively and safely thanks to GPS support and helpful automatic programs. The drone will be presented to the public for the first time at the IFA at the end of August 2018 in Berlin.

Extended distance and altitude as well as more sportiness

The competitor DJI has set technical standards with its Mavic models in this drone segment. Yuneec has proposed its most handy photo and video drone to date, which already shares some features with the new Mantis Q and which can, therefore, be described as an unofficial competitor to DJI.

The design is so breezed that it can be controlled via the smartphone app, flies controlled by GPS and offers various automatic flight modes. The flight distance and flying time of the Mantis Q, which is mainly designed as a selfie drone, are relatively low with a maximum of 80 meters and about 12 minutes.


The Mantis Q offers more and resembles DJIs Mavic Pro not only in the design. Unlike the Breeze, the Mantis Q is also a very sporty drone. For this purpose, a special sports fashion has been developed, the operation of which accelerates the copter up to 72 kilometers per hour.

Continuously up and down camera with 4K video function

In addition to the fun factor, the drone is also about high-quality photos and videos. As with the Breeze, the Mantis Q records films in full HD and 4K resolutions.

Although the important stabilization feature of the image is missing from the new model, for the Mantis an electronic stabilization is carried out via three axes, which according to the manufacturer works very reliably and is not prone to failure by fragile components. Also, the movement of the 90 degrees camera down has been maintained. What is new, however, is their erection by another 20 degrees, which can virtually eliminate the illumination of cloud formations or passing bird flocks.

Fast live image transmission

The Mantis Q comes with a controller that connects to a smartphone. The associated flight software, which is based on the open source PX4 project, is very stable and reliable.

The signal transmission is fast enough to produce a flowing live image even at high speeds of up to 72 kilometers per hour. A peculiarity that the Breeze did not offer is the ability of the Mantis Q to respond to spoken commands. So, the drone maneuvers on request or triggers a photo or a video recording in the verbal arrangement.


The included controller and voice control capability make navigating the drone much easier compared to the Breeze, which comes in the standard version with no external controller. The virtual control of the Breeze via smartphone app has the disadvantage that digital shifters and the trigger for photo and videography are on different levels of display, so you always have to switch back and forth during the flight.

Price and availability

The Yuneec Mantis Q package includes the quadcopter in question, the remote control, the rechargeable battery, replacement propellers and a triple charger. As for the basic package, the suggested retail price is 499 euros.

The Mantis Q X-Pack is a valid alternative that includes, in addition to the drone and the controller, three rechargeable batteries and two sets of spare propellers, a handy camera bag with a price tag of 599 euros.

Both Mantis Q variants will be available soon in stores and online. Visitors to Berlin’s IFA 2018 will be able to take a closer look at the Yuneec booth.


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