Xiaomi’s Crowdfunding Platform Youpin Launches Hey+ Smart Band

Can you do better than Mi Band 3? Here is Hey+, the new smart band from Xiaomi


Xiaomi presented a little over two months ago the new Mi Band 3, which made a remarkable series of changes with respect to the Mi Band 2, such as adding touchscreen with improved brightness for outdoor, more battery, greater resistance to water, and Bluetooth 4.2. Now, the company’s crowdfunding platform Youpin has put on sale in its store a new smart band with some of these advanced features.

Called Hey+, this new smart band is quite more advanced than the Mi Band 3 in some aspects. For example, we found that the 0.95-inch screen has almost twice the resolution, with 240 x 120 pixels, which yields a total of 282 PPI.


The total weight is 19.7 grams, and the bracelet is made of thermoplastic elastometer. The battery is 120 mAh (the same capacity as the Mi Band 3), with a charging time of 2 hours and a duration of 18 days. Hey+ has a full-color AMOLED screen that allows customization of your home screen.

Physically, it looks like the Mi Band 3 and shares the same strap only that the shape of the capsule is different.

Being designed for sport, the smart band, in addition to NFC, has a cardiac sensor that has become essential in this type of products. Among the sports supported to analyze data are swimming, running, walking, etc. The new smart band is submersible up to 50 meters underwater.


The messages can be seen in color with the different icons of the app that notify us. The NFC serves as a transportation card in China.

The smart band has a caller ID, and you can reject them directly if you want. We can see SMS, notifications of messaging apps and the rest of the apps on our mobile. By having an accelerometer, it also allows monitoring of the sleep and has alarms and reminders that we have been sitting for a long time.

The NFC, although Xiaomi does not incorporate it in its low-end and mid-range phones, has been implemented on the wristband to use it as a pass when entering the subway. The NFC is already implemented in148 compatible cities in China. It will also serve to enter buildings that have doors with NFC readers.


Up to 10 calls and up to 10 messages can be displayed on the screen, and each message can contain a total of 300 Chinese characters. The 18 days of the battery are with an average use can withstand 50 daily notifications, wake up 5 times the pulse, 2 alarms, heart rate measurement 3 times, and 1 hour of exercise.

The Bluetooth 4.2 not only allows to connect it to the phone, but it can also be connected to the home automation of Xiaomi to initiate intelligent scenes or even control other devices. To perform the step, it is necessary to pair Hey+ with the Mijia app, and from there we can put functions like automatically turning on the air conditioning when we enter the house.

Hey+ is priced at 299 Yuan ($43). The smart band will be available for purchase starting September 20 and is listed on the Xiaomi YouPin website.



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