Xiaomi Roidmi F8 wireless vacuum cleaner to debut in the US


Xiaomi never ceases to amaze, and the Xiaomi ecosystem is already growing again!  With the Roidmi F8 hand vacuum cleaner, the Smart Home product range has once again been expanded to include a household gadget.

Already presented at CES 2018, the smart handheld vacuum cleaner, which is not distributed directly under the Xiaomi brand, but by Xiaomi’s subsidiary “Roidmi,” has one more feather to its head. The company is reportedly planning to launch a new wireless vacuum cleaner called the F8 in the US market.

The Xiaomi Youpin Store is the number one point of contact for all crowdfunding financed Mi products. Many of the products published there are from various Xiaomi subsidiaries and usually do not appear directly under the brand name Xiaomi. An excellent example of this is the recently released vacuum robots “Roborock S50” and “Xiaowa Youth Edition.” It’s the same with the Roidmi F8 hand vacuum cleaner.

The wireless vacuum cleaner promises a similar performance to the Dyson V8 vacuum, but with a significantly lower price tag of $289. The company is launching an Indiegogo campaign as it has launched a similar campaign in the Chinese market raising approximately $2.8 million from more than 12,200 backers.


Wireless design

The hand vacuum cleaner is not even officially available and has already cleared two design awards. In addition to the iF Design Award 2018, the smart suction aid also claimed the German Red Dot Design Award 2018. Typical of the Xiaomi ecosystem, the vacuum cleaner impresses with an extremely modern and at the same time simple design.

The modular design allows brush heads, telescope tube, and filter to change depending on the application. The manufacturer supplies various attachments and adapters. As a treat, there is a matching wall mount with charging cable also with it.


For flexible use, the Roidmi vacuum cleaner comes without a cable. Eight 18650 lithium-ion batteries supply the power. These are enough for an average usage time of about 55 minutes. The batteries can be charged directly via the vacuum cleaner. The charging time is according to Roidmi at 2.5 hours.


Suction power, filters, and brushes

To absorb even stubborn dirt, the Roidmi vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 415-watt DC motor. This achieves an effective suction of 115 watts. With up to 100,000 revolutions per minute, the suction power is at a whopping 18,500 Pascal. Due to the distinctive design of the multi-stage air duct, disturbing suction noises are largely suppressed. Despite the high suction power, the volume is moderate 75 dB.


Smallest particles up to 0.3 microns are sucked in by the Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner as well as animal hair, dust, and coarse dirt. The filter system is four-layered and consists of a coarse mesh metal screen, followed by an air filter, followed again by a HEPA filter and a final polymer filter. The cleaning of the filter system is possible. Absorbed dirt is collected in a separately removable dust chamber. The capacity is 0.4 liters.


Many possibilities

The application possibilities are virtually unlimited. Because of its versatile attachments and adapters, the Roidmi F8 is suitable for hard floors, wooden floors, carpets, but also for sofas and furniture as well as mobile use, for example for cleaning the interior of the car. Only a wiping function or a wiper attachment is not yet available!

The hand vacuum cleaner handles Hard-to-reach areas through its articulated brush head, which can be flexibly bent. As a special feature, the brush head is additionally illuminated via an LED strip. The roller of the electric brush is interchangeable. In addition to a conventional soft roller, Roidmi also offers a separately available carbon roller.

Smart app control

As a smart home product, the vacuum cleaner can be coupled directly with the Mi Home app. The connection is established via Bluetooth. Among other things, it is possible to display the remaining battery life and the filter status via the app, as well as to receive a notification about the residual capacity of the dust chamber directly on the smartphone. Firmware updates are also transmitted via the app to the vacuum cleaner.


With the Roidmi F8, an exciting hand vacuum cleaner will be introduced in the USA market. It will provide direct competition to the well-known models of Dyson. Especially the price of the F8 is just $300, Xiaomi could prove its products with the finally published vacuum robot models that are centered around affordability and ease of use.

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