Lenovo Watch 9: Smartband and Mechanical Watch in One


Lenovo Watch 9 is much more than a traditional watch with analog, mechanical display and it integrates smartwatch functions. How does it work and is it a functional wearable or just inept attempt at making new toy for geeks?

Lenovo Watch 9: Features

FeaturesText messages and phonecalls notifications, heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep monitoring, smartphone camera control
Working timeUp to 240 days
Compatible OSAndroid, iOS
Size22.30 x 2.00 x 1.12 cm
Weight55 g
Box contentsSmartwatch, English manual

Lenovo Watch 9

Pros and cons


  • Unusual and surprisingly functional combination of a mechanical watch and smartwatch
  • Supports almost any phone with iOS and Android for smartwatch features
  • Fully waterproof
  • Lots of sports features
  • You can shake it to take a selfie
  • Best bang for the buck


  • CR2032 battery instead of rechargeable cell

Lenovo Watch 9

How does it work?

Although Lenovo Watch 9 looks like a classic mechanical watch, it actually conceals plethora of functions that you would normally see in a LED display smartwatch. However, since there is no display, all data from the sensors are sent to the smartphone which processes and display parameters in a dedicated application running on any modern iOS or Android phone. As a sports smartwatch has a heart rate sensor, and can measure your fitness performance: calories burned and number of steps taken daily. In addition you can be notified about incoming text messages via vibrations. It’s also possible to set sedentary lifestyle reminders, so you’ll always know when to stand up from your desk and stretch up a bit or maybe drink a glass of water.

Like other popular smartwatches, sleep monitoring allows you to check your sleep quality and indicates sleep phases with the ability to display detailed statistics on your phone. The last feature is the capability to take photos on your smartphone by briefly pressing the watch button or shaking it. This allows you to take a selfies in a new, interesting way, so you don’t even have to touch the smartphone to shoot a picture.

Bluetooth 5.0 interface used to transmit data between the phone is fast and stable, and does not consume much power during connection with app. This is quite important because Lenovo Watch 9 does not have a rechargeable battery and instead is powered by a CR2032 cell that can work up to 240 days (depending on how much you use the smartphone features and sensor).

Lenovo Watch 9

Design and build quality

Lenovo Watch 9’s classy design reminds Xiaomi or Apple products and although this is not expensive wearable, its components are indeed first class. Hardened sapphire glass with a very high scratch resistance is more durable than a Gorilla Glass and second only to diamond in terms of material hardiness. Watch shell is made of a zinc alloy and steel bottom has an anti-allergic properties. All crevices are sealed from dust and water, so you can wash your hands or wear it in the rain without risk of damaging electronics. What’s more, it even passed a pressure test of 5 atmospheres, so you can swim it in shallows or in the pool.

Strap is made of high-end medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic and breathable, so long-term comfort is guaranteed. Pointers are luminescent, making it easy to grasp the time in the dark. Nordic chip that measures heart rate (used also in Huawei smartwatches) ensures high accuracy of measurements.

Lenovo Watch 9


Lenovo Watch 9 is an absolutely unique combination of a classic watch with sports smartwatch, and it performs surprisingly well in its role. It’s well-made and and it would fit casual dress or elegant outfit. Best of all: it’s only about $30 at GearBest and in other online stores, so it’s really good deal!

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