Huami Amazfit Bip Review: the smartwatch with great possibilities


If I told you Huami, maybe not everyone would know. However, if I give the name Xiaomi, everyone would come up with products of great value at very affordable prices. Huami is the brand that collaborates with Xiaomi for the production of some wearables, e.g. Mi Band 2. It is therefore not surprising that even in this case we are dealing with a truly useful device with good build quality.


The packaging is very simple: a white box with the name of the brand at the top. Opening the box we are facing the smartwatch, stuck on a card. The presentation is not bad, it seems to be in front of a higher price product. Beyond the smartwatch is the charging base. This is clipped into a USB wall socket. Unlike other smartwatches, however, see Apple Watch, in order to load the device you will need to hook it to the base.


The Amazfit Bip is made of plastic. We are probably facing the lightest smartwatch on the market. As you can see from the pictures, the design is very similar to the Apple watch. In fact, both are squared with a slight crowning of the display. Obviously the differences are noticed even without being experts. On the right is the only physical key that is located in the center of the side frame and can only be pressed.

The straps can be changed in a very simple way. Fortunately, the size of the hooking of the straps is standard. In fact, we just can change the silicone strap provided by the package with any 20mm strap. The supplied strap looks good, personally I find it however slightly stiff. I will try as soon as possible to change it with a softer and higher quality one. In the back, compared to the display, we find the heartbeat sensor.

There are no other noteworthy things in terms of design. However, it must be said that the smartwatch also enjoys a certification for resistance to water and dust. The certification is IP68, so it has the maximum resistance to contact with liquids, even with possible dives. However, we advise you not to take it to the sea or the pool for example. Any showers should not cause damage, as we have not encountered any kind of problem even with strong handwashing.

Technical Specifications

As for the technical specifications of this device, we can say that almost do not interest. The device must handle a workload so light that it does not cause problems. The Amazfit Bip has a 1.2GHz dual core processor. The RAM is 512MB while the internal ROM is 4GB. What is interesting, however, are the connections available. We have BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) for communications with our smartphone (supports both iOS and Android with its APP). Big plus is the presence of the GPS + GLONASS. In this way we will be able to keep track of our sports sessions or our routes. Other sensors present are the heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor. The display is touch and has a size of 1, 2 “and the glass is a gorilla glass. The battery is 190mAh. Despite the low size guarantees, it’s a really exaggerated duration (even up to 30 days). The device also has a good vibration system. The only drawback is that it lack of a microphone or a speaker. Obviously for the proposed price one could not hope for more. However, it has a loudspeaker that would have brought the experience of use to a much higher level.


A separate note for the display is a must, because in these devices is the main element that allows you to read notifications and information, as well as the time of course.

As mentioned, the display is 1.2 “, a smaller size also to that of the Apple Watch’s 38mm. The resolution is 176 x 176 pixels. They might seem like numbers that are almost low, however we must consider both the display technology and the dimensions of the product. The display is transflective. This means that, unlike the classic LCDs, the more there is direct light on the display, the better you see. In contrast, however, the colors are not bright but rather flat. The resolution as seen is not the best, even if the words are pixelated but clear and legible. Perhaps we could have worked more on the watchfaces. This is because those present are few and not poorly treated. Not all of them carry the main info and you can not add them. However, unlocking it, you can still add other watchfaces made by various communities around the world.


Like all Xiaomi products, this Bip also is also able to use with the MiFit program. Through this APP we can synchronize the data collected by the device. In this way we will be able to observe our sporting progress, this through carefully designed and very well-structured graphics.
As for Watch’s software, there are two “ROM” if we want to call them. If we pay attention during the purchase phases, we will notice an international and a Chinese version. The differences between the two, until recently, were only in the language. In fact, in the international one the English language was present, while in the Chinese one no. To date, however, when the Watch was first powered up, after the first configuration phases (of which we will make a guide later), the device will automatically update to the latest version available. Through this update we will be able to select English as a system language even if we had purchased the Chinese version. If you would like to use other local language, e.g. Italian, you can do it by unlocking the device. However, for those without problems in the use of English it will not be necessary. The menus available are so simple to interpret that they almost do not even need the language.

As mentioned, the device can be synchronized via MiFit. However, this APP does not only give us the possibility to synchronize data. We can in fact also add new watchfaces or choose what kind of notifications to receive on the device. What is interesting is that the notification will not be just a vibration, but we will see both that APP is sending us the notification on the display, and in case of messaging, we will have a preview of the message received. But we will be able to answer. Honestly though I do not find this to be a particular disadvantage. It happens very rarely to be able to respond comfortably from devices of such small size.
Finally I wanted to highlight a feature that I thought is useful. In fact, it may happen that we have forgotten where we left the smartphone, even if this is still connected to the Bluetooth of our Beep. From the device settings menu, there is a command to make the smartphone sound (this function is probably copied by the same function always present on the Apple Watch). It may seem like a small thing, but it has served me more than once, not wasting time looking for the phone.


If we had to make a ranking of the most useful smartwatch on the market, surely the Amazfit Bip is among the first places. This type of assessment is dictated by the fact that for a price of about 50 € you take home a smartwatch that should not be loaded every night and that includes goodies like GPS, almost always absent in this price range.

The build quality, despite being completely plastic, is good and the choice of adopting a standard size for the straps allows you to choose the combination that best suits you. Perhaps the design is slightly swept by the general lines and this could make the product slightly anonymous and go unnoticed. If we want to give advice, something more could be done regarding the resolution of the display, a double resolution would have certainly increased both the reading of the notifications that the quality of the interface and the watchfaces, which are the thing that most attracts in a smartwatch.

Our advice is however to take advantage of the continuous offers and promotions that are made, regardless of whether the Chinese version or the International version is being promoted.

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