Alleged new smartwatch from Amazfit is able to power smart devices via voice

Use my smartwatch for voice activated controls for my smart appliances? I'm in!


Will you be impressed with a smartwatch that can control a night light?

If you’ll ask me—well, not really.

I bet a cheap Apple watch knockoff can pull off the same thing.

But what if it can take voice commands?

Now we’re talking.

I’ll take great delight as I whip it up my face, Captain Kirk style and say, “Beam it up, Scotty” (Scotty being the name of my smart lamp).

This is the premise of this 10-second clip that shows a man giving voice orders to the smart lamp via his smartwatch.

But before anything else, a quick backstory on the video is in order.

Rumors online show that this smartwatch was initially thought of as a round version of the latest Apple Watch. It was said that on one of the photos, a sketch of what appears to be a watch—sits beside an alleged Apple invitation letter. Looks as if someone is trying to imply that the design is of Apple origin.

However, a new sketch of a similar-looking design surfaced. Atop the same round-shaped watch wrapped around a sphere was not the iconic Apple logo, however—it was Amazfit.

As most of you are well-aware of, Amazfit is a product of Huami—the company which manufactures Xiaomi’s line of smart bands and smartwatches. However, Huami does produce and sell their own line of similar products and Amazfit is their money maker.

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, the overall volume of smart wearable devices in terms of shipment saw significant increase over last year.

Bottom line: No round Apple watch for anyone. If you’re keen on giving orders, walkie-talkie style, to your smartwatch, then you should keep an eye on the next product from Huami.

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