Allcall W2: All in One Smartwatch and Phone with Android 7.0


Allcall W2 is the latest all-in-one Smartwatch and smartphone. It has the fastest CPU among all Allcall smartwatches, an elegant metal casing with sporty design and a sensational AMOLED display. What’s important, it’s not expensive at all, with its pocket-friendly price. Find out its features and see capabilities in this overview.

Allcall W2: Features

CPU1.3GHz, Quad Core
DisplaySamung Amoled 1.39 inch, 400 x 400 px
WaterproofingIP68, 5 meters
SIM CardsNano SIM
Internal memory16 GB
Connectivity3G, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WiFi
Weight97 g
Battery460 mAh
Box contentsSmartwatch, Charging Cable, Screwdriver, Manual

Pros and cons


  • Fast CPU for a smartwatch
  • Huge selection of digital dials
  • Vivid AMOLED Samsung display
  • Android 7.0
  • Decent 2.0MP camera
  • Full metal casing and sporty design


  • Needs to be charged daily
  • Not compatible with iOS smartphones

allcall w2 smartwatch

Performance and capabilites

W2 might be the fastest all-in-one smartwatch yet released and works under 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor and 2 GB RAM – and that’s hardware you’d find in a budget tablet. It’s also the first smartwatch working on Android 7.0, which makes it possible to install and use most software available on Google Play. It supports 7.0’s power saving features by freezing unused apps to conserve so much needed battery power.

Vivid Samsung AMOLED screen is 1.39 inch big and has 400 x 400 px resolution. This touchscreen is crystal clear and responsive, so you can count on high contrast and proper color reproduction. It’s also really bright and fully readable even in direct sunlight. To utilize phone features you need to put Nano SIM card inside, which in turn allows for using WCDMA + GSM internet connection on a mobile network. Alternatively, you can switch to WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless network and intra-device communication. So in addition to being Android-enabled mobile device, it works as a smartphone, allowing you to make phone calls and sending text messages.

460 mAh battery is unfortunately too small to use this gear extensively, but it’s the perk of all similar smartwatches. There is enough juice for about half an hour of talk time and you will have to recharge W2 every day, so it’s worth having a powerbank as an additional energy backup.

allcall w2 smartwatch

Look & Design

Black or silver scratch-resistant casing was made of CNC polished metal. The strap is made of soft, breathable silicone and although it’s not an elegant steel bracelet, it has the advantage of being light and comfortable. You can choose from immense amount of hundreds of different wallpapers dials that you can download form Allcall website, picking from mechanical watch style dials, digital style display, unusual designs and many more.

allcall w2 smartwatch

Other functions

Thanks to the Bluetooth, W2 can be synchronized with apps on your phone, displaying text messages, Facebook notifications, current weather as well as incoming Skype messages. As a fitness smartwatch, it has extensive sports functions: measures steps, calories burned, heart rate and more. It has 9 presets for measuring results in various sports, such as basketball, cycling, running or  swimming. Thanks to the IP68 certificate it’s waterproof up to 5 meters, you can dive and swim or run in rain, without risk of damaging delicate electronics inside.

Camera located on the right side allows you to take reasonably good photos with the 2.0MP imaging sensor, and this is useful feature wherever you want to take quick shots without pulling your smartphone out. As we previously mentioned, W2’s capabilities can be freely extended by installing additional Android apps, with 16 GB of internal memory available for the files.

allcall w2 smartwatch


Available at a promotional price of $119.99 at GearBest with free worldwide shipping, AllCall W2 is one of the best phone & smartwatch in one you can buy, especially at this price point. Its only flaw might be limited battery capacity, so you need to consider that you’ll be recharging it daily. Other than that, this is really cool wearable that can perform many tasks and can be fully customized to your needs!

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