Xiaomi Shows Biometric Reader Bigger and Faster Than Competitors

Xiaomi unveiled a new next-generation in-display fingerprint sensor that is faster and more responsive.


After biometric readers stepped out of the “Home” button of smartphones to begin to be embedded on the screen, we started to face some hassles. They migrated to the screens, but remained small, with an area about the same size they had before. We also lost performance on the accuracy and speed of fingerprint recognition compared to dedicated readers.

The first generation of “in-screen” biometric readers require users to find the digital reading area, and there is no visible markup. It is necessary to guess where the reader is. Registering the digital requires several fingertips on them until the process is completed.


Now, once the feature is no longer new, the on-screen biometric readers that will actually make the users who still use the traditional models think about migrating will begin to enter the picture.

As a promise to solve these drawbacks, Xiaomi has shown a new technology for embedded biometric readers.

In this new model, to record the digital one touch on the screen, wait for 2 seconds, and everything is ready. Not to mention that the area of digital recognition has gone from a simple square to almost half the screen.

It seems that competition in the smartphone segment never ends. Every year, a resource calls for specific optimization, and their manufacturers will chase after the changes. The OPPO is another company that has announced a new technology for biometric readers that will cover the entire smartphone screen floor area.

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