Rumored Xiaomi Redmi 6 and 6A smartphones passes through TENAA

Xiaomi might have slipped in a new Redmi successor under our noses


Leaked images of the alleged Redmi 5 successor, the Redmi 6, have made an appearance on Chinese agency TENAA. According to reports, there are actually 3 new Xiaomi smartphones that got certified in China: Xiaomi M1804C3CE, M1804C3DE, and M1804C3CC. Looking at the images posted on the site, all three devices have the same body and finish with the M1804C3DE sporting a fingerprint sensor on the back while the other two have none.

Other notable specs we can confirm from the images are the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and all buttons being located at the right side. One minor gripe I have with it is the seemingly thick bezel. In today’s smartphone market, even other el-cheapo brands are already sporting slim bezels so I’m not sure why Xiaomi seemed to have dialed back to 2015 with their design choice.

As for the display, all three phones have a 5.45 inch HD+ panel with a 2.5D curved glass top. Running the show is a 2-GHz SoC which will run Android Oreo 8.1 beneath Xiaomi’s MUIU 9. All three devices measures 147.46 x 71.49 x 8.3mm. For model M1804C3CE, it will come in either 2GB or 3GB of RAM while M1804C3DE is offered in 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB versions. The M1804C3CC seems to be the entry-level model of the bunch, as it only comes in 2GB of RAM.

If one of these phones is indeed the Redmi 6 or 6A, it’s quite an early move for Xiaomi for introducing a new Redmi model when the 5th version is only a couple of months old. If you want to grab your very own Redmi 5 Plus, click the links below.

Last updated on 24/02/2019 19:51

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