Xiaomi Mi 8 – The First Android With 3D Facial Recognition?

The Chinese tech giant keeps their momentum before the new products release


Xiaomi has emerged into the world being dubbed the “Chinese Apple” not only for making quality smartphones but for several of them looking pretty much like the iPhone. Before the arrival of the MIX series, Xiaomi’s range of top-of-the-range devices was captained by devices such as Mi 5 or Mi 6. The Chinese company is preparing to launch Xiaomi Mi 8 at an event in Shenzhen scheduled for May 31.

Let’s look at all the leaked rumors before the official presentation that has been surfaced over the Internet.

Black and White Variants

Latest SlashLeaks leaked suggest Xiaomi Mi 8 would come with black and white color variants and fitted with tempered glass. The new leak reveals the front and rear design images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 phone.


In the new images, the smartphone can be seen with a wider notch that is gambled to house the complex 3D facial recognition feature. The backside of Mi 8 features a vertical dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner with USB-C port and a speaker grille at the bottom.


Animated Emoji like iPhone

A new rumor according to Weibo social network: Mi 8 will bring a system of animated emoji similar to the Animojis in Apples iPhone X. It is worth remembering that the Mi 8 (until a few days treated only as Mi 7) will probably also have a notch at the top of the screen similar to the device of the American rival.

And the most curious is that the company itself published the video with a teaser of the animated emoji of Xiaomi in its official profile of Xiaomi.

On-Screen digital reader

Other rumors suggest that Xiaomi’s next high-end smartphone will have an on-screen digital reader have been circulating for some time. The news was even confirmed by the company’s CEO when responding to a comment on Chinese social network Weibo.

These affirmations have gained even more momentum with a video recently published on the same platform. It quickly shows what the Xiaomi Mi 8 would be unlocked with a digital screen sensor. Although this function is not new, it has not yet been implemented in any of the major releases of major manufacturers.

The FaceID of Xiaomi in action

The company captained by Lei Jun certainly does not want to let its new flagship go unnoticed. As already leaked in previous leaks, the smartphone should have a notch containing various sensors that can enable the smartphone to the 3D facial recognition in iPhone X style.

From Twitter comes a video that would show the procedure of recording the face running on Xiaomi Mi 8, which would be a first in the world of Android smartphones.

The sales package reveals exciting features

Did you think you know everything about Mi 8 and its characteristics? It seems that Xiaomi is always ready to amaze by introducing unique features in its devices.

As per SlashLeaks latest leak, the smartphone is shown as how the official packaging of the future flagship of the Chinese house. The package would confirm some of the features that had already come to light such as the Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, a dual rear camera and a front 20-megapixel with face recognition. There will be a Type-C USB charging port and a 3.5mm USB-C / jack adapter in the package.


The news unveiled from the package concerns GPS. What can be innovative about a GPS chip? It seems that Xiaomi is ready to use for the first time a dual-frequency GPS chip, in particular, the chip announced by Broadcom in September and called BCM47755.


This chip seems to be able to improve the accuracy of the position detection utilizing GPS technology, reaching a precision of about 30 centimeters. Of course, it will not be a function that will revolutionize the use of the smartphone, but it is still a pleasure to see that Xiaomi is committed to improving not only what immediately jumps to the eye when using a device.

The presentation is close, and the price is tempting

Xiaomi has announced its event for May 31st; there’s really not much left! Together with Mi 8 and MIUI 10, the long-awaited Mi Band 3 should also be announced.

According to rumors leaked on the net, the smartphone will have a very aggressive price: 2799 and 3199 yuan for the 6 GB/64GB or 8 GB/128GB versions, which correspond approximately to 375 euros and 430 euros.

Do you look forward to Xiaomi Mi 8? Let us know with your comments here.

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