Xiaomi Makes Its Official Debut In France

Xiaomi Expands Its Market Into France


Early this week on Tuesday, Xiaomi made its official entrance in the smartphone markets of France. The Chinese Tech Company, which has the foresight to raise 10 Billion US Dollars in this Summer’s Hong Kong public listing, launched its sales in France last Tuesday. This puts the company in a position inclined towards advancing into Western Europe, a move that has mainly caused its downturn in smartphone shipments this year.

The company already has an authorized store outlet in Paris, at 39 Boulevard de Sebastopol. The French Smartphone market is also lucky as buyers can conveniently access and purchase Xiaomi devices through a new online store, Mi Store, set by the company in the country. The device can also be available to French people in other online and offline platforms like Amazon and Cdiscount.

The pricing for these phones is almost at a similar range as the prices at which the maker sells in the so far, 74 markets of the world. Redmi Note 5 will go for $233.01, Mi Mix 2 for $466.14, Mi Mix 2S for $582.71, Redmi 5 for $163.07 and Mi A1 will cost $267.98. Their brands are more pocket-friendly relatively as compared to high-end phones but offer customers almost similar experiences. Compare iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi8 specs-wise (they are almost at par) and the relate their prices!

Xiaomi, “China’s Apple” started from low and only sold its phones online in its first times in business. The company promoted its devices on flash sales and social media and later started to install brick and wall stores called Mi Stores. It focused on markets in developing nations like Indonesia, Russia and India. As per the last quarter of 2017 the giant tech had maintained at the top of the sales charts of India, ahead of Apple and Samsung. It entered into Spain 6 months ago, which marked its first entry into Western Europe, and has registered No.3 in that country in the first quarter of this year. The company is looking to launch its business in Italy very soon. Watch this space!

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