Xiaomi Beats the Guinness Records, Opening 500 Stores in India Simultaneously

Xiaomi seems to have fun. After presenting the largest luminous company logo in the world in September, it beats another record. It is related to the strategy of the company's offline stores in India. At the same time, 500 Mi Store stores were opened all over the country.


No doubt Xiaomi is one of the most ambitious companies in the world of technology and its latest find to enter the Guinness World Record is a confirmation. The Chinese giant has managed to enter the Guinness World Record for the contemporary opening of over 500 new Mi Stores in India – the event took place on October 29th, at 12.00 and covered 14 states of the Asian country.

Recall that the Mi Stores are designed to revive the exclusive design of Mi Home stores, characterized by futuristic interiors and minimalist aspects, allowing users to try and buy the various Xiaomi products. In line with its expansion plans, the manufacturer plans to open more than 5,000 Mi Stores across India by the end of 2019. A not just goal, which would actively contribute to making this country one of the most important production centers globally for the well-known smartphone manufacturer.

“It’s a truly special moment for Xiaomi India to be celebrating yet another Guinness World Record after having achieved one merely two months ago. We have been the number one smartphone brand in India for five consecutive quarters. Over the last few quarters, the offline segment has been a great success story for us, with our offline market share growing about 40 times in one year. While our Mi Home and Mi preferred partner stores have performed exceptionally well in metro and large cities, our presence in smaller towns and villages was still negligible till now,” shared Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India.

Each store allows you to get in touch with the various products of the brand within a welcoming environment with a simple and minimalist design. A new opportunity for the Indian market, which is increasingly appreciating this brand through initiatives like this.


Xiaomi’s philosophy in the Indian electronics market is simple: the company wants to provide everyone with fairly easy access to their own products through a network of well-functioning Mi Stores. Xiaomi encourages smaller and larger entrepreneurs to consider investing in the Mi Store, as it will be highly profitable for some time.

India is a key market for the smartphone world, as it is an emerging country full of people willing to buy premium, medium and low-end devices. India is also one of the most important smart markets in the world due to its high growth potential. While North America and Europe are slowly becoming saturated with technologies, India is still a place where much can still be done.

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