Xiaomi Announces Partnership with TikTok for the Redmi Brand

Today, Xiaomi announced on Weibo that the company would partner with TikTok, namely that both companies will jointly launch new products on Jan 10.


Just a few days before the presentation of the first Redmi branded smartphone, the Xiaomi brand has more exciting news. Reportedly, it seems that Xiaomi is starting to discover interesting content sources on social networks, especially when it becomes a partner with TikTok, a social networking platform dedicated to short videos with 15 seconds time.

Besides, it’s not Xiaomi that Redmi is the real partner with TikTok. Xiaomi has announced that Redmi will host the event that takes place on January 10 to launch the Redmi phone. With the signing of the cooperation agreement with TikTok, it seems that Xiaomi wants to penetrate more deeply the online content market.xiaomi-tiktok

Recently, Xiaomi announced the separation of the Redmi brand into an independent company. Xiaomi’s move is similar to what Huawei has done to keep its flagship phones with Huawei brand and mid-range phones with Honor brand. OPPO also had the Realme brand last year, but after only a few months of launch, Realme has separated from OPPO and operated independently.

Although there is not much information about the upcoming Redmi phone, the teaser revealed that the device will have a main camera with 48MP resolution and is equipped with a USB Type-C port.


Recent certification from TENAA has shown that this Redmi phone will have the glass back and gradient color. The device will have a 6.3-inch water drop screen, along with a 3,900mAh battery.

Redmi will host Redmi’s first phone launch event, taking place on January 10, at 2 pm (local time) in Beijing. At this event, we will officially see what how the partnership would work with TikTok.

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