What are the Recent Technology Innovation for Smartphones?

Is the smartphone industry stagnant or we would end up with innovation that really changes in near future?


Manufacturers (and perhaps the press) use words such as innovation, breakthroughs … every time a new phone is launched. But what does that mean to the user? Is it revolutionary, life-altering, or just a small improvement with the primary purpose of promoting?

As smartphones emerge, everyone has at the same time a camera, a computer and a gaming console with just one piece of equipment in a pocket and comfortable carrying out work-related and entertainment-related tasks on the move.

Then, 3G connectivity evolved into 4G and LTE, which brought faster network access. The touchscreen development becomes more rapid, and camera phones are gradually becoming acceptable alternatives for digital cameras.

However, in the past two years, the pace of development of the mobile industry has slowed. Innovations, appear to be small and if so, they do not really matter to the attention of the end user.


Currently, manufacturers are pushing their investments in biometric security with 3D face recognition technology, iris scanners, or fingerprint sensors embedded inside the screen. In addition, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used, not only for virtual assistant tools but also for improving image quality and battery life.

However, when the phone screen is larger, but the thinness is reduced to improve the aesthetics. Many useful features are gradually being eliminated as the headphone port or memory card slot. By removing the standard 3.5mm jack, users can not just charge the phone and listen to music without buying a dock, so it’s a step backward rather than a value enhancement.

In addition, some manufacturers such as OPPO, Vivo or Xiaomi have started implementing slider camera design to make the phone screen borderless and notch less. Samsung, Huawei is more equipped than the following cameras (Samsung phones have four cameras), but their practical effect still needs more time to verify.


In the near future, it is likely that foldable phones will be a new trend. A few days ago, a device like this called FlexPai was introduced. Samsung, Huawei, LG, and other smartphone manufacturers have announced to introduce foldable smartphone by next year. With the ability to flexibly change between smartphone and tablet, the phone will make a revolutionary breakthrough or will be the next “trick” advertising?

And what do you think about the development of the market, current trends and expectations for the future? How do you think smartphone makers need to make breakthroughs?

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