Vivo NEX – The Most Expensive Full-Screen Smartphones Ever?

Vivo will be first to present no notch and no bezel smartphone.


Vivo NEX, the market version of Vivo APEX, will debut in two weeks. It seems that the smartphone will hit the market in two variants. If their suggested prices are accurate, Vivo NEX will be most expensive full-screen smartphones ever made.

Vivo was the biggest surprise of the MWC 2018 trade fair. The Chinese manufacturer brought to Barcelona a Vivo APEX smartphone, whose main distinguishing feature was the OLED screen, occupying over 90% of the front.

The creation of such a device was possible thanks to the use of several innovative solutions, such as moving the light sensor and proximity to the screen, creating a retractable camera mechanism for selfies, replacing the classic speakers by Screen SoundCasting or integrating the fingerprint reader with the display.

Initially, Vivo said it was only a concept smartphone, but later the company changed its mind and announced the creation of a commercial version of Vivo APEX. Recently, we could often hear that the model will go on the market as Vivo NEX, and its premiere is scheduled to take place on June 12 in China. It turns out that Vivo NEX will not be 100% what Vivo APEX was.

What should Vivo NEX look like?

Vivo NEX allegedly looks like this:

vivo-nexvivo-nex-2To see how Vivo NEX is different from Vivo APEX, take a look at the graphics from Ben Geskin:


Vivo NEX will have a slightly longer screen than the Vivo APEX, surrounded by similar frames on the top and sides, but with a noticeably thicker chin on the bottom. Nevertheless, Vivo NEX should have one of the best-developed fronts on the market, because space is not wasted in the upper frame or notch in any way. If someone thinks that cutting the screen is the best way to increase the work surface, let them look at the Vivo NEX 😊

It is interesting that in the right part of the bottom frame you can see the camera. Contrary to appearances, it is not used to take selfie photos, because the dedicated webcam is still to be pulled out from the top edge. An additional unit has been prepared for the face recognition system. Apparently, Vivo concluded that this technology must be on board the Vivo NEX, despite the presence of a fingerprint reader on the screen.

Variants and prices

The full Vivo NEX technical specification is not yet known. Initially, it was said to be a flagship; however, the latest leak suggests that there will be two variants of this smartphone on sale.

Vivo NEX with top Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM is said to cost as much as 6998 yuan, which is little over $1091. This makes the smartphone as the costliest smartphone ever in this category. It is a very high amount and not every Chinese will be able to afford such a smartphone.

Vivo, however, thought about it and probably also prepared a cheaper version of the Vivo NEX, which propels the new Snapdragon 710, which is a processor for the smartphone from the upper mid-range. The price of this version is expected to be 4998 yuan ($779). If the above prices are confirmed in reality, Vivo NEX will be a costly phone.


Those who had placed their hopes on the fact that NEX could revolutionize the world of smartphones, they will have to downsize their expectations. Vivo NEX certainly presents itself as a fascinating device; however, the similarities with Mi MIX 2 and 2S will make it really difficult to prove the Wow effect aroused by the first Apex appearances.

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