Vivo Makes a Xiaomi with IQOO, its New Mobile Brand

It is so fashionable to create sub-brands of smartphones that Vivo has just announced its own: IQOO. Like Redmi from Xiaomi or Honor from Huawei.


If we wanted to list all the brands of smartphones that exist, it would be impossible for us: in the world, there are hundreds of them dedicated to manufacturing and distributing smartphones. The new strategy of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, creating different brands in the market to create a broad portfolio of products with different images. We learn these companies from China’s social media platform, Weibo.

Vivo is known as a smartphone manufacturer with a wide range of products from beginner to flagship phones. The company’s new brand will only focus on producing and selling flagship phones at the highest level.

Vivo shared the first Weibo post of iQOO. Although the company belongs to Vivo, it will act independently. In other words, there will be a relationship between Xiaomi and Redmi or Oppo and Realme. The only message that IQOO has posted on Weibo is “Hello, this is IQOO,” without giving any more clues. The website gives an error, and none of the Vivo websites have mentioned the launch of a new brand.


Viewing the promotional image of IQOO can only be speculated. The most logical thing is to point to more accessible and targeted phones for young people. It is the main strategy followed by brands such as Xiaomi or Huawei when it comes to unfolding their efforts.

In the teaser, we see an illuminated city in which the central building stands out, whose design irrevocably reminds us of phones like the Xiaomi Black Shark or the Nubia Red Magic Mars, all of them gaming phones. Aggressive lines, futuristic design, illuminated details … if we add what seems to be a superhero in the foreground, we have all the ingredients to think that IQOO is focused on the world of video games.

ZTE and Nubia, Huawei and Honor, Xiaomi and Redmi … Until OPPO with Realme, the strategy of the big brands is to have specific divisions to focus mainly on the most accessible smartphones. We do not know if the objective of the new IQOO will also be that, but we will soon find out.

Although what seems inevitable is that the new sub-brand will remain in China, at least for the time being. iQOO’s phones are expected to have prices over $700. It is not yet clear which phones of the new brand will be launched first.

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