Vivo Displays Smartphone Concept Without Physical Ports or Buttons

Vivo concept phone is based on no ports and no buttons


The year 2019 will consolidate some elements in the smartphone market, such as folding screens and built-in digital readers, but Vivo already begins to think for the future. The company announced in Hong Kong the real version of the Apex 2019, smartphone concept without ports or physical buttons.

Vivo Apex 2019 does not have any button or physical input. (Source: The Verge / Sam Byford)

The device was announced at the end of January and should have hit the MWC 2019, but its revelation was delayed. In addition to being a single block made of glass with no fissures, the device has a built-in digital reader that covers virtually the entire screen – another positive highlight achieved by the manufacturer.

To charge the battery and transfer data, the Apex 2019 has a proprietary magnetic connection system developed by Vivo.

Apex 2019 uses its own magnetic system for recharging and transferring data. (Source: CNET)

Despite so many interesting features and is a pretty handset, Vivo has no intention of launching the Apex 2019 to the public. As it is a conceptual device, it serves much more for the company to develop and display technological advancements that can be included in other of its releases.

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