Video Unveils Lenovo Foldable Smartphone Prototype

We've heard about it for years, but they finally seem to be showing off. This Lenovo prototype shows what the first smartphones with folding screens could look like.


The smartphones with a foldable screen should be democratized in the coming years. Finally, that’s what the manufacturers seem to tell us. But apart from some drawings and concepts, we have not often seen these works. This is the case today with this prototype that comes from Lenovo, and that a user has shared on Twitter.


As we can see, the smartphone is rather big. This is also the principle since it bends. However, we notice that the fold is not total, but everything remains functional. The area that allows twisting reminds us of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

An Indonesian technology channel recorded the small clip and published in the Twitter. It is curious to note that the device seems to work as an ordinary smartphone, being that we can see the screen being manipulated with the touch. We even have the Android navigation buttons appearing clearly on the bottom part.

It’s just strange to see the absurd size of the bottom and top edges around the screen, in which Lenovo probably hid the batteries and other non-folding elements of the phone. Despite all this, the video does not show what would be the real usefulness of such a device for the consumer, and the design in question is quite robust.

Lenovo confirms the news

Further, a comment from Lenovo on Chinese social network Weibo may indicate some good news. In a video on folding smartphones posted on the social network, the company’s official profile asked users to stay tuned, suggesting that by this month some news on the subject would be revealed by the company.

In June 2016, Lenovo released the first conceptual model of a collapsible smartphone brand, but since 2017, when it unveiled a more refined version of the same prototype, the company has not focused on new developments in technology.

The video shared on social networks Weibo and Twitter shows a folding smartphone Lenovo. We discover a device with a very elongated screen that does not look very big. A hinge is present to allow the screen to fold in the middle easily. The upper and lower borders are also very impressive. The device could also be used as a connected watch since it would easily attach around the wrist.

Lenovo suggests on Weibo that an event will take place in the month of October 2018 for the presentation of this smartphone. The manufacturer could surprise Samsung and other manufacturers who have been working for a long time on a foldable smartphone.

There is still no forecast for when Lenovo can introduce such a smartphone to the global market, but companies like Samsung, Huawei and LG are working to roll out folding smartphones to the end consumer between late 2018 and early 2019. We do not know, however, which of these companies might be the first in this innovation race.

On your side, what inspires you on the foldable smartphone? Share your opinion about it in the comments.

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