Top 5 Smartphones with the Best Cameras in 2018

The year 2018 is full of very interesting releases in the world of technology and mobile manufacturers took smartphone camera to the next level.


The cameras on smartphones have reached a level of quality that allows most of us to simply take the device out of our pocket and make a good photo or video without relying on technical knowledge about photography. Even so, those with higher skills may require a little more of their smartphones, so it’s a good idea to know which devices offer the best gadgets for that.

The DxO Mark was established in 2008 with the objective of applying scientific tests capable of ascertaining the quality of the still and moving images generated by smartphones, lenses and various cameras. Since then, they have become recognized as authorities in the subject, maintaining an updated ranking with scores to show the phones that offer the best capturing capabilities.

Next, we have gathered the top 5 in the overall ranking of DxO Mark, which considers not only the production of photographs by the devices but also of videos in different circumstances. In case of a tie in the overall score, the specific note for photos serves as a tiebreaker criterion.

5. HTC U12+


With a 106-point photographic score, the U12+ achieves excellent results for still images, with an emphasis on color and autofocus performance plus proper handling when dealing with artifacts, flash, zoom, and bokeh. It loses to leading competitors because of the occurrence of low-noise noise and because it has a slightly lower dynamic range (HDR). HTC received 95 video points.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The top line of Korean received 107 points in photography, with excellent results in naturally lit outdoor environments. The Galaxy Note 9 is particularly strong when capturing images in high contrast situations and can display many details in both highlighted areas and shadows. One weakness is in portrait situations with bright backgrounds – something that even the leader cannot handle much better. For video, Samsung got 94 points.

3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


With the same camera hardware as the Mi 8, but improvements in software and algorithms, Mi Mix 3 received 108 points in photography. The device’s strengths are its excellent flash, great color performance in all light conditions (especially in outdoor scenes) and fast, accurate autofocus. It also has good video results, where it received 93 points thanks to improvements in its stabilization compared to brand predecessors.

2. Apple iPhone XS Max


Apple’s cutting-edge device received a photographic score of 110 with excellent exposure and contrast results in indoor and outdoor environments thanks to its high dynamic range. Autofocus is also exceptional, as are colors, textures, and noises.

Although the zoom is better than the 2017 model, the Xs Max delivers lower results compared to rivals, but it is in the flash that it has its worst results. With 96 points in videos, it is highlighted by its excellent stabilization.

1. Huawei P20 Pro


The current leader in the DxO Mark, the P20 Pro was one of the first smartphones to have triple cameras in the rear – and makes great use of them.

With 114 points in photography, it makes exceptional use of a large main sensor and a secondary sensor in black and white, achieving unparalleled performance in low light situations or requiring a lot of dynamic range. Similarly, the sensors attached to the dedicated 80mm lens to offer one of the best zooms on a smartphone. Finally, Huawei also takes the crown in the videos, with 98 points.

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