The OPPO Foldable Smartphone will be a Reality at MWC 2019

Huawei, LG, and Samsung are not the only companies to work on convertible smartphones based on a foldable screen. OPPO is reported to have wanted to present a platform of this type at the next MWC 2019.


If 5G is the next growth driver for mobile phone manufacturers, it will only reach its full potential in at least a year, when many countries will have started operating these new telephone networks. Even if the first compatible terminals arrive in 2019, the interest will be unlimited (except for investing in the future).

Foldable smartphones: The big trend of 2019

In 2019, manufacturers will have to find new ways to attract consumers’ attention and to open their wallets. Among these trends, we naturally find hybrid products such as the so-called Galaxy F, the smartphone that unfolds to become a tablet. Samsung unveiled at the beginning of November a functional prototype of this type of product by presenting its flexible screen Infinity Flex Display. And since then, the firm has not stopped making the buzz.

A buzz that makes many competitors jealous, who are eager to hang on to the car. Several major brands have confirmed their intention to present a foldable model at more or less short notice. It started with LG which has planned officialization at the Mobile World Congress. This has continued with Huawei and Xiaomi, who have planned their respective launches sometime next year. And another name has just emerged: that of OPPO.

Courtesy: LetsgoDigital

Here comes a new challenger

The world number five mobile maker (according to the latest figures from IDC) would indeed announce that it will unveil a foldable smartphone no later than the next edition of the Mobile World Congress to be held from 25 to 28 February next to Barcelona.

The information comes from OPPO’s product manager, Chuck Wang, who gave an interview to the Dutch site Tweakers during a visit to Shenzhen. This information does not really surprising since all other members of the Top 5 worldwide (except Apple) have already made statements in this direction. Unfortunately, the Product Manager has not provided further details on the device for which we will have to wait some more time.


Wang later said that the company is not only a mobile device with a flexible display but also a smartphone equipped with a 5G modem and a further one with a perforated display to accommodate the front camera sensor.

It is interesting to note that OPPO chose the MWC to present a product. It is interesting because it is also during the MWC that Samsung has planned to reveal more on its own proposal. So, there will be at least two foldable platforms in Barcelona next year.

It remains to be seen what will be the degree of finalization, both for OPPO and Samsung. Will it be a prototype? A marketable product? Something in between? Hard to know.

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