The First Rumors About the Huawei’s Next Flagship Chip Kirin 990

In recent years, Huawei has taken a big step forward in developing branded Kirin chipsets, and the Kirin 980 platform presented at IFA 2018 turned out to be an incredibly productive SoC on the 7-nm process technology.


Only last month, Huawei introduced its first smartphones with the Kirin 980 SoC, but according to rumors, the company is already actively working on a new generation of its chips, which, logically, should receive the name Kirin 990.

It is reported that the new processors will not bring tangible progress compared to the predecessor. The processor will again be manufactured according to the norms of 7-nanometer technology, but this time it is about its second generation. Helping to transfer the chipset to the 7-nm rails of the second-generation technology will help TSMC.

Sources indicate this among Huawei suppliers who claim that Huawei and TSMC have already begun testing Kirin 990, hoping to present this chipset in the first quarter of next year. In addition, each chipset test requires a manufacturer’s investment in the region of 200 million yuan.


It is predicted that the density of the transistors will be increased by 20%, and the performance increase will be 10% and similar indicators will be to reduce energy consumption. The processor architecture should remain the same ARM DynamiQ with three clusters of computing cores.

At the moment, there is no information whether the new chip will carry across with Mali graphics, which have long been considered the weak point of the Kirin processors. There is no doubt that the Kirin 990 will receive at least one separate neurochip for performing operations related to artificial intelligence.

Traditionally, the debut of the new flagship processor from Huawei should be expected closer to the fall, and before that time, we will hear more about the features of the Kirin 990.

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