RED Hydrogen One, A Smartphone to Make Videos in 8K

The smartphone with 3D, VR, and AR videos and images capabilities


RED Digital Cinema Camera Company (or RED), a specialist manufacturer of 180-degree very high-resolution cameras announced the upcoming release of its first smartphone, RED Hydrogen One.

Lucid is partnering with Hollywood camera maker RED to build the next generation prosumer 3D/4-View (4V) smart camera for 8K video and photograph capture. The camera is the first dual camera to provide users full 8K video and picture capabilities converting to 4V in real time while allowing them to shoot like professionals with dynamically adjustable lens distances for the best 3D focus and zoom.

By attaching the soon to be released modular holographic RED Hydrogen phone, one to the camera, users can view 3D/4V content in the post and live as if they were in the viewfinder.

The Hydrogen One will have a holographic screen

All the features have not yet been released on RED’s very first smartphone, but we already know that it will have a 5.7-inch QHD display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, a 4.500 mAh battery, a USB port, and an audio jack.

But it is especially its screen and its shooting faculties those interest consumers who choose to buy it. And for the screen of this smartphone, RED promises a real revolution! It will be able to display images and videos in 3D without the need for special glasses.

When viewing 180-degree videos (taken with the special camera), you can move the smartphone to see the volume of different objects. RED also claims that this feature is only apparent when you look at the live screen, and no photo can account for it.


Shooting 8K

To do this type of shooting, you have to connect the smartphone to a LucidCam camera (RED has the partnership with Lucid). It consists of two 4K sensors and can convert video in .h4v format to 8K resolution.

In addition to its resolution, the camera is remarkable it that in can capture photos and videos at 180 degrees. The company’s Realtime 3D Fusion technology then glues the different pieces.

It will even be possible to use a module that captures 3D sequences in RED’s holographic video format, called Hydrogen. Nevertheless, these modules will not be developed yet when launching the smartphone.

RED indicated that an algorithm would be used to convert stereo sound to “multi-dimensional audio,” to create an immersive experience, or, in RED’s word, “to attack your senses.”

Other companies also offer good photographic experience with their camera products. Shenzen based Chinese car cameras manufacturer, ThiEYE, offers really good 4K cameras at the lowest price possible that is priced at about $400.

in stock

This first RED smartphone is oriented towards a public of enthusiasts of the photo and the video, will also be distinguished by its high price. It will cost $1,295 in aluminum version and $1,595 in the titanium version.

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