Pixel 3 XL Might Bring Notch Equal to that of the iPhone X

The Google Pixel 3 should offer a radically improved design while building on Google's great cameras.


In recent weeks, the rumors around the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have followed each other in rapid succession.

A photo that circulates on the web from the Chinese social network Weibo shows what would be the screens of the next Google smartphones. The smaller model would be the Pixel 3 and looking at the pattern of holes there; it is possible to suggest the presence of two front speakers, an interesting development for the next generation of Pixel smartphones.


The big news, however, is the Pixel 3 XL. A photo is showing the alleged glass of the larger version of the smartphone screen. Google also brings the holes for the pair of front speakers and more than that; it also indicates the presence of the notch just like the iPhone X.

It is the first time that a more robust rumor indicates the possibility of the Pixel 3 XL having a notch. Remember that Android brings native support for this feature, and the notch is already explored by several models released this year by several different manufacturers including the recently released Xiaomi Mi 8.

In addition, we now know that LG will probably make the OLED panel of the Pixel 3 XL. Leaked screen protectors expose the design of the screen panels. We saw the picture below. The leak was originally from an anonymous source, but then the details were confirmed by reliable leakers.


A rumor that has now been confirmed by @OnLeaks, a well-known leaker that has leaked unannounced smartphones numerous times. According to him, it is true that the Pixel 3 XL will get a notch, and the Pixel 3 will not. Besides, he got the screen sizes from his (usually reliable) sources. The Pixel 3 reportedly gets a 5.3-inch screen, the Pixel 3 XL a 6.2-inch screen.

As per the rumor, Google will dispense with an external partner in its third generation Pixel Smartphone and have neither LG nor HTC in the boat. Instead, Google has teamed up directly with Foxconn and thus found a new manufacturing partner. This measure also makes sense because Google has taken over 2,000 employees from HTC in time for the development of this pixel generation.

Also, because Pixel usually brings the same configuration in both versions, by changing only the screen size, Google may be thinking of embracing different audiences by casting one model with and another without the “notch.” We will only discover whether all this information is correct or not when Google will introduce the smartphones in October this year.

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